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  1. I think there was one example of banks renegade on the previous contract to deliver the physical. Ie ABN amro, which was cash settled. I think the scam is that paper sellers can manipulate the price even though they don't have the physical, and if there is no obligation to even deliver it, it's a scam, and a Ponzi scheme. Currently there is an obligation to deliver the gold at comex at the end of June when the futures expire, which hasn't been broken as yet. I also suspect that the gold sellers that liquidated their ETFs are now moving into the Dow jones, another bubble. Why does it take the US 7 years to deliver the gold back to Germany, because they don't have it, and the want it buy it over the bear market at a bargain price. I also suggest you use another name, Lets say Fred, as its nothing to do with me ... PLEASE!
  2. Bob, I agree it is a scam to prop up the dollar and the equity market, which appears to be working. I wouldn't use paper gold, I'd use these guys. http://Www.bullionvault.com Perhaps gold is in a bubble to and we are reverting to value, and we've seen the top, but while I've got $ ill keep adding when we start to turn up again, personally I think gold has a place in everyone's portfolio. All bubbles pop, what'll be next, now gold has popped? I guess I'll find out when I retire in n years whether I made a good choice?
  3. Only a month til the sellers of the paper shorts have to deliver the physical. It should be interesting what ever happens.
  4. So what is a BEAST cycle based on? There are reports the Chinese bought 40tons at Fridays London fix, whether they are accurate or not, who knows.
  5. Saw this, she has an opinion for the recent gold crash. OtterWood Observations on Japan, May 2013 - YouTube
  6. Haha, I like that currency wars, are we winning. Funny.
  7. The paper sellers still have to find the gold before expiration in June and deliver it. Meanwhile the smart money, chinese, russians, buy the physical. They don't want to be owning dollars, pounds, euros or rubles.
  8. Good buying opp them for the long termer.
  9. Whose the expert? Goldman Sachs? Gold can only go up, once money velocity increases, and inflation hits. Let the bankers create another credit bubble, gold is still a long term buy IMO. It often has multi year consolidations. If you don't trust the money printers and the governments gold is where to be.
  10. Being outside the USA I sincerely hope you can come to some meaningful progress on restriction of access of firearms. It is so sad to see a stream of massacres, from what I can see is unrestricted access to firearms, from your shores.
  11. The longer term investor/accumulator thats all with cash to invest. Not shorter term traders.
  12. Isn't the retail edge to buy dips?
  13. Link worked fine. Now 2700 in July 2013, would work. Be interesting to see how it pans out. Until then buy dips.
  14. Newton's third law of Emotion: For every male action, there is an equal and opposite female overreaction...
  15. Interesting bob. The pullback in 2008 was 8 months, we are currently at 7 off the current high...
  16. Interesting times on the mining shares and the metal..
  17. Quite a slide, from the highs to today's close at 525. What's happened to the stock market darling?
  18. Agreed. Inflation due to printing will affect all asset classes. Oil is not the same as gold tho. That is manipulated at least as much as fiat currency. You only have to look at the Saudis and the OPEC cartel. Gold can be manipulated short term by futures markets and liquidation to raise capital. But can't be manipulated long term, as there is limited supply and is getting more and more expensive to produce.
  19. Doubling up on face bunk? I hear it's going to 40$. Or is it 4$.
  20. Indeed. We've seen it so many times now. Crisis? What Crisis? If my banks debts are 5 bill, so what, central bank buys them with printed $. It's the only way out of the mess. It will continue till the debts are clear. Until the debts are cleared, inflation rules and gold goes up.
  21. Isn't the point that investing is investing ones alternate income stream. Trading is trading using ones capital to make a living. Any idiot can make a good return investing.. buy dips ... it works for me on all asset classes.
  22. Exactly. And paper is paper and will be printed for centuries. Easy solution to all economic problems, with a free bonus that all your debts are inflated away and the public are stealth taxed. Print fiat money. Gold will always go up, as it cannot be printed. No wonder they didn't want a gold standard.
  23. Is it available to short? If so I'd say short covering. Perhaps it just became available to short, so GS can sell it, hence the bounce ....
  24. Yikes, sounds labour intensive to me. Does anyone do a package to do lunar/solar stuff? I always found it quite interesting. It could be coincidence though. Be good too see it going back 10 years or so.
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