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  1. If you're going to actively trade during the Australian and Asian sessions why not trade Australian and Asian stock index futures?
  2. Interesting article. I think there has been a lot of political intervention to get the central banks to intervene. Only a few months ago the Bank of England was saying it's not their job to bail out banks that had made bad bets but now that's exactly what they're doing. It's just creating more problems for the future.
  3. The close will be more telling than the open.
  4. I voted excellent because of the indicators, strategies and charts you post. My only criticism would be your habit of rambling on and on before finally getting to the point. Succinctness is a virtue.
  5. I've read the book. You couldn't build a trading system around it as too much relies on trader discretion. You'd be better off buying the book from Amazon and reading it.
  6. You're only a gambling addict if you're losing. You won't be laughing when I'm on top of that leader board. :stick out tongue::evil tongue:
  7. Any plans to add anything to the sports betting pool? It would be good to bet on English Premiership or European Champions League games.
  8. Thanks, it's there. Your liquidity boost came at the same time the Fed announced its own liquidity boost.
  9. I'm serious about having lost all my money :doh: I had a bad losing streak this morning. How was the money allocated? Was it $1 per 2 posts in the forum? I started this morning with about $250. I was sure there would be a way of borrowing more money so was a bit reckless.
  10. I lost all my money. Can someone lend me some?
  11. If you're talking about equities then yes holding a day trade overnight is a bad idea because of gaps. For 24 hour futures markets you can leave your stops in place to protect your profits.
  12. I frequently hold overnight positions. I agree with Dalton when he says you're putting yourself at an immediate disadvantage if you must exit the trade at the end of each day. There are some circumstances where it is so highly probable that a continuation will occur in the overnight session that you're just throwing away money if you don't leave the position open. I would regard today as one such day where if you have a short position open and you decide to close it for no other reason than that it happens to be 1615 then you're just throwing away profits.
  13. notouch

    Eurusd 1.50000

    The problem with targeting the 1.5 level is that if EUR/USD = 1.5 then USD/EUR = .666! It's not surprising price backed away from that level. Who knows if it will ever get there. You're entering the trend very late.
  14. Forex trading is through IdealPro not Ideal. Commissions are a fifth what you're quoting.
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