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  1. where can I find cumulative volume delta ? Thanks
  2. Thanks alot for your help !!! Now print command works fine but STRATEGY REPORT not yet. Any idea ??
  3. Of course Tams and thanks for your interest. This is code: *** Inputs: Len(20), Triger(32), StopPrc(0.5), TrailPrc(85); Variables: CCIVal(0), StopValue(0), StopPrice(0), LOpenPrice(0); CCIVal = CCI(Len); If CCIVal crosses above Triger Then begin Buy ("LE") 1 contract at market; print (avgEntryPrice,CCIval); end; LOpenPrice = AvgEntryPrice; StopValue = LOpenPrice * (1-(StopPrc/100)); StopPrice = LOpenPrice - StopValue; if close >= LOpenPrice + stopvalue then StopPrice = close - StopValue; if close < stopPrice then exitlong market; ***** stops doesen't work... I'm working on them These are some lines of debug window: *** 1090925.00 2010.00 1.47 34.10 1090925.00 2054.00 1.47 65.65 1090925.00 2106.00 1.47 80.79 **** As you can see price is 1.47 instead 1.46xx value. In Strategy report is the same. I think this may cause problems on running strategy. Thanks
  4. Sorry if my question is OT (and my english is terrible!) I'm testing my first "strategy" on EuroFX future CME. Price has 4 decimals lile 1.4661. I am using TS2000i On my chart price is dispayed ok but on strategy report prices are rounded to 2 decimals: 1.4870 -> 1.49. Why ?? Where is right setting ? Thanks !!
  5. Quotespeed has this data on DAX FUTURE (FDAX). I don't know about options;)
  6. hi all I've loaded .ela file posted (TPO Pro5.0b.ela) but an error message apperar "The analysis technique attempted to reference data past the bounds of the array". I've 25 day back on a 5 min. chart. What's the problem ?? Thanks in advance for help
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