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  1. The story has turned uside down. The risks taken by Porsche turned out to be too much.:doh:
  2. I think they are not asking for the Method of Subscribed Thread Deletion. Instead they are asking if some member of the forum wants to Unsubscribe / Terminate the membership, then where and how, can they do that. There does not seems to be an option available in the user CP section. So if someone has signed up and become a member, then there is no way that he could delete his membership even if he/she wants to do that. Or is there a solution to it, available at some other section perhaps
  3. cunparis, that was an Excellent Feedback. Thanks a lot.
  4. Well, good observation deanz. I did not notice that earlier. May be the suspicion is correct, may be it is not ! I have no way to judge if the posts made above were from genuine users or if they were posted by some one who is getting paid for writing such posts. Please note that I am in no way saying that jbhansen and supergrover are not the genuine users and their feedback is not honest. I have no way to know this thing for sure, so I am neither on this side nor on that side. I am just appreciating the fact that what deanz has observed, "MIGHT" be true. So if that is the case, then how could we get REAL FEEDBACK about such services as OFA and others ? Is there some better method to know the real feedback of authentic users, rather then reading the posts on forums, where fake posts could be very easily posted.
  5. If you really like their tools and find them really useful in profitable trading, but you think that you lack Control, then that kind of control could be gained by implementing these concepts on another Trading Platforms that gives you that kind of freedom, like Neoticker etc.
  6. Thank you MadMarketScientist for taking care of the Spam posts of SureshBajaj. It would serve as a good lesson to him and other spammers like him.
  7. This is what I mean - It seems that MadMarketScientist does not visit this page often -"Search: New Posts " , that's why he might not be aware that how irritating it is, to most of the Tlab members who check this page everyday.
  8. Yes,Steenbarger is one of the very few HONEST guys in this game. If you have been eyeing his book, I would definitely recommend that you read it. I can bet for sure that you will not regret doing that. Here is the link to his blog - TraderFeed Just spend some time on it and you will get a fare idea, if this guy is worth spending your time or not. Although he has stopped updating his blog, still it has got a lot of good information.
  9. Have you checked out the books of Mr. Brett N. Steenbarger ? Amazon.com: The Psychology of Trading: Tools and Techniques for Minding the Markets (9780471267614): Brett N. Steenbarger: Books Amazon.com: Enhancing Trader Performance: Proven Strategies From the Cutting Edge of Trading Psychology (Wiley Trading) (9780470038666): Brett N. Steenbarger: Books Amazon.com: The Daily Trading Coach: 101 Lessons for Becoming Your Own Trading Psychologist (Wiley Trading) (9780470398562): Brett N. Steenbarger: Books
  10. Thank you Thalestrader for bringing up these points. I was thinking about starting a thread myself for posting these points. The pop-up box advertising the "TL Starter's Kit" shows up on my screen as well, every time I check out Tlab. My browser remembers my ID and Pass for Tlab, so I am automatically logged In, but this pop up still shows up every day !! Secondly, this SureshBajaj is EXTREMELY Annoying !! I just could not understand "Why and How" can he afford to waste so much of his time and energy in posting such CRAP :spam: on a daily basis ! Don't he has any other work to do ? Anyway, whatever his motives might be behind posting in so many threads, I would sincerely request MadMarketScientist to please move all his posts in one SINGLE thread. I know this might go against the normal rules, but this SureshBajaj does not looks like a normal guy and he definitely deserves all his threads to be combined in one single Thread. Otherwise it is very irritating to see his Crap posts cluttering the "recently posted threads" section. I respect him as a member and I appreciate his right to post on this forum. That is why I am simply requesting to LIMIT his posts and threads to a Single Thread, so that all other members do not have to suffer because of him. Hope Tlab will keep on making higher highs in the new year. Best wishes to all members for the coming new year. :beer:
  11. UB please do not mind. But honestly, that sounds too good to be true.
  12. Good luck with the new site daedalus:thumbs up: Pursuing one's True Passion is certainly a good idea. I will do my bit in spreading the word around.
  13. I also have become doubtful about this ! Could trades actually occur without going through the order book ? Is it possible ?
  14. I want to edit my post now and want to delete that spam message. But I do not see an edit button at the bottom ! Am I not allowed to edit my own posts ! How do I delete or edit that message now. I dint realize earlier that I would be helping the spammer this way. :doh:
  15. ------Spam Alert ------ ! a member by the name of guybell is sending this PM -- The link leads to a site which asks you to sign up for a newsletter :crap: I copied the PM here just to know if other members inboxes are also being spammed.
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