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  1. Thanks Sir, If possible an example would be appreciated. Here What I understand from differnet readings & your points.Correct me if I am wrong. For 5-point structure XABCD, X & A has to be major Swing High/Low & B & C intermediate SH/SL , Point D can be intermediate SH/SL (in gartley & bat) or Major SH/SL (in butterfly or crab). Regards, TAQ
  2. I understand your point.Thanks, I will remember that. Here is the ES daily chart, I draw the swing Highs/Lows.I would like to know Which pivots you consider as not valid & why?? Regarding Median Line. I am watching downward red fork if reverse from upper downsloping line than I would consider going shorts here problem is the blue upward sloping fork is still valid will watch price @ quartile & lower ML .Let us see how it will unfold . Regards, TAQ
  3. Hello Suri Sir, Thanks for the charts . I would like to know your view on this bearish butterfly?? Can we consider it a valid one, price made a double top here but still PA is not strong enough in this PRZ. [if you don't mind I am using your chart to make my point ] I am also adding one more chart with andrew's median line. Let us see how it will unfold. Regards, TAQ
  4. Not many traders use this concept . I use this in forex trading everyday.Almost all major pairs are correlated some pairs show movements before others. For ex. EU & GU have positive correlation coefficient +94 while EU & UCHF have -97 on dailies so i will avoid going long in both this pairs at the same time. I will go with strong signal & than look for opposite trade in other pair. The correlation coefficient highlights the similarity of the movements between two parities. If the correlation is high (above 80) and positive then the currencies move in the same way. If the correlation is high (above 80) and negative then the currencies move in the opposite way. If the correlation is low (below 60) then the currencies don't move in the same way. On hrlys or short term its -50 which is not significant while on dailies or in intermediate terms -90 is almost perfect negative correlation.
  5. It depends on the time frame we are talking about. Here I am updating the correlation analysis of last 100 hrs, 100 day & 100 week data. As you can see in the short run (hrly data) correlation is -0.50 For intermediate (daily ) its -0.90 while on weekly it is showing 0.06. Hope it might help. Regards, TAQ
  6. Your Gold Symmetrical Triangle tgts done. Here in Silver Weekly chart you posted there is no +ve divergence, both price & RSI made Higher low. Infact both MACD & RSI made -ve divergence last week (price made HH while indicators made lower high). Here is the chart Regards, TAQ
  7. all your tgts done. looking forward your updated charts. Regards, TAQ
  8. Great charts & all the best with the thread. Regards, TAQ
  9. One pattern is made in S&P daily index. Let us see how it will unfold. Yesterday Updated Regards, TAQ
  10. taq

    SENSEX Charts...

    Hello Suri sir , Thanks for the chart . Can we cosider this as bullish Reciprocal AB=CD pattern?? if yes what probable tgts you are looking for. Regards, TAQ
  11. taq

    SENSEX Charts...

    Similar pattern is showing in DJIA-CBOE(VIX) Regards, TAQ
  12. taq

    SENSEX Charts...

    It looks like we made a intermediate top here for this last upmove (Indian market). NSE NIFTY daily
  13. got answer Happy Trading Regards, TAQ
  14. sorry about my language(english is not my first language) & happy atleast i made you laugh i was not able to communicate it properly. its not about being wrong or right but how much you make when you are right & how much you lost when you are wrong. i never suspect your strategies(atleast we have our own strategies) i am pattern trader i use weekly for breakouts & old support & resistance levels & retesting of them daily for patterns & probable tgts in the direction of BO & trend & 240-min to initiate & trailing my SL. & one thing more i use triangles a lot (ascending, descending & symmetrical) & trading on triangles are based on breakouts only. Best Wishes & Happy Trading Regards, TAQ
  15. I am following your threads from quite some time & this one is the best on TL. my trading strategies are not different from yours only difference is you initiate trade at the breakout but i wait for proper entry point & probable tgts so that i can get atleast 1:3,5 RRR but when i am looking for reversal trade than i expect 1:7,10 RRR (less than 30% of my trades are like this) for ex. in last trade in GBPUSD RRR was 44:400 (i lost 20 pips bcz i closed at 5930 at closing time) here is updated EURJPY covered at 130.05 500 pips in 6 sessions.
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