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  1. ) I read negative reviews about Fiatotrade and I can’t understand what people don’t like! It is easy and pleasant for me to trade here; there have never been any problems with input and output. The real and demo versions are almost identical.
  2. September 2, 2019. I replenished my account in Fiato, $ 300 , now it’s already $ 790. 8 consecutive profitable trades. This is not an indicator, and yet, until I plan to withdraw, I always have time). Who - else pohvastuytes s your results), and then everywhere all so gloomy.
  3. ) I think that Fiatotrade no benefit to this company to interfere with its customers, especially since there are so many competitors where you can go. If you put the sticks in the wheels so you can lose all customers in the end, and they will not be infinite. The main thing is reputation if it is going to be in the market for a long time
  4. Fiatotrade - normal broker. From 2 thousand bucks rose to 8, leaked to zero. I have no complaints. He opened deals himself, he closed. If a deal does not open during high volatility (new prices come), then this is a no brainer, it is corrected by a second opening. Withdrew 500 bucks - no problem, brought out in a day. I recommend a reliable broker. I will learn and continue to work with them
  5. ) I want to share my trading experience with Fiatotrade . Two years ago I started a small amount, received a little profit and withdrew the entire amount without any problems. Then after some time he threw quite a large amount and began to trade in large volumes. Problems began in the form of slippages and requotes, as it turned out later - this is due to the fact that the type of account was Standard . In general, I decided to withdraw the entire amount again, they asked me to confirm the passport data (probably because the amount was large). Confirmed - withdrawn in 5 minutes. Then I took a break again and a year ago I decided again to trade with this broker. Again I started a large amount, but already on the ECN account. There was no requote, and with slippings almost without problems. In general, trade is on its own, and profit is also available and derived. Therefore, I remain with this broker for now, because I checked it on my own skin.
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