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  1. Power555, APPL wasn't the only one affected by this, I just showed that one, and there are a lot of people on TS Forum, who have been affected. This happened last week with DIA and SPY as well, and have had issues in the past with connectivity, so I don't feel I am acting on emotions here. I found out, if I reload the chart, it gets corrected, however the matrix is affected, too, therefore I can't trade, nor do I trust today's charts based on this. I am checking out the above options, thanks guys for that and see what else is out there.
  2. Well, today is the day, when I finally got tired of Tradestation it seems, so I am trying to get feedback on what other platforms are out there with good datafeed. I daytrade stocks and ETF's, not a swingtrader, so I don't want to pay $10 per trade. This is what I am getting on TS right now and I just can't work with this. Anyway, I am open for suggestions.... Thanks very much!
  3. Yepppp...mine should be here tomorrow, or Wednesday the latest. Shipped last week! One of my friends had the first 30 pages of the book and said it's has been amazing for her.
  4. Ohhhh...this is awesome...anybody knows, when it might release? I am so getting this!!!
  5. Atto...I would love to hear, as I am considering having something done again. It was sooooo nice to see clear, even for just a few years. Again, staring at my screen 12-14 hours doesn't help...hehehe
  6. Hmmmm....that looks pretty interesting. Have you done any search on pricing on it? I like the fact that it can be updated, if needed, such as if your sight needs more correction.
  7. Same here....audio went out, but did what metalhead suggested and it worked. Great video, James....thanks!
  8. I got it done a few years ago and it was like the biggest miracle for me to be able to see clear again! I highly recommend it! I do have astigmatism and at that time they weren't able to correct it. However, I have to tell you that with as much time as I spend on my laptop my eyesight has deteriorated since, but I am thinking of getting it done again, if I can. I'd say go for it. The surgery takes such a little time, really just a few minutes, and you see pretty clear just a few hours after the surgery. Again, to me, it felt like a miracle.
  9. My new favorite one is called Mind Accelerator. Teaches you to get rid of your negative self beliefs, the infinity mind system, infinity reading system (photo reading, which can help you with chart pattern recognition), and it helps you with goal settings. Enjoy! Eva
  10. As someone, who is still new, and has gone through mentorship, while I received a very educational training, the face-to-face interaction would have been the most beneficial thing. I realize that everyone learns different, however nothing beats learning the basics and than watching someone actually trade and explain why he/she made those decisions. To me, that would have been the most helpful.
  11. I hope the prognosis will be good for your doggie. I have a cat and we are very attached to him, so I know how hard this must be for you. Keep us informed, please.
  12. I just had to chime in here. I haven't posted in a while, but I am familiar with this subject somewhat. I have been using Brainsync, which is Kelly Howell's work. She has tons of meditation cd's that you can purchase and download on her site. http://www.brainsync.com/pilot.asp I go to sleep every night with my Ipod listening to one of her meditations. I absolutley love it, as it puts me into a very calm place. I also listen sometimes during daytime to some of her other ones, some even during trading, as they are just music with different brain waves. I think it's worth checking it. Also a few months ago, someone here posted an e-mail that was forwarded to him about how to be a succesful trader(talked about support and resistance being the key). The author of the e-mail wrote about Ryan Watts, as he is successful trader. Since I love to research, I decided to look him up and see if he has a website, and he does. He has a section where he talks about three products he uses himself and it includes NLP and brainwaive technology. I purchased two of the three items (as I could 't figure out how to use the 3rd one, and I am trying to get in touch with him about that), and I can say they have been pretty amazing for me. Here is the link to his site, where he talks about those products. They are not that expensive, and I think they are very valuable. http://wattstrading.com/Mindgames.html Hope this helps at least one person.
  13. I ended up using Tradestation and so far I like it, don't have any major issues. I had a lot to learn, but I got used to it already. Let me know if I can help you answer any other questions.
  14. Brownsfan, thanks again for your helpful post. I love Brett's site as well, and while I don't have the books you mentioned I will be adding them to my reading list for sure. Human psychology is just so amazing, we all have the power within, but sometimes we don't realize all we have to do is just reach out for it. Those mental blocks can be our biggest obstacles in our lives and hold us back from who we truly are and can be, unless we recognize them and work with them. I will keep checking Brett's site daily, as I can use some help in the psychology department. It's a huge part of trading, for sure.
  15. I don't know, if you guys are familiar with http://www.forumw.org, but we have been using that since January and have been pretty happy with it. People upload their links there and you can download them through rapidshare with no problem. We did end up paying for the ability to have quicker download, but to us it has been totally worth it. They do have movies, music, games, and even software. Anyway, hope this helps.
  16. I already signed up! Leroy is just a wonderful teacher! I am going through his mentorship right now, learning it all from the foundation and up, and I think everyone can learn a lot from him, beginner or experienced! Eva
  17. Oh, this is great info, have to check out those sites MrPaul and Torero are talking about.... Thank you both! Eva
  18. This is great info, Mr. Paul. Thanks for the great share. I guess I have more reading to do..... Eva
  19. As from one newbie to another I can say that you have come to the right place. I just joined TL last month and also new to day trading and also am trading stocks. I can tell you this much, this is a journey, so you have to really be ready and open for that. My life right now has been taken over learning everything I can about stock trading pretty much, so one has to be willing to put some things aside in order to learn. The people on this forum are just wonderful and very knowledgable, so I am sure your questions here will be answered. When I started trading (which was just in December of last year) I had an account with Ameritrade and still do, as I am just now transitioning my account to Tradestation. Reasons for choosing Tradestation is that I plan on being mentored and so far the people I have been talking with, who do the mentoring, all use Tradestation. Perhaps down the road I will change my mind, however right now, it will be best for me to use the same as they do, it only makes sense. If you are not looking into mentoring, I believe Thinkorswim is a very good broker, so you might take a look at them. I am sure more knowledgable people will give you their opinion, this is just mine, so take it for that. I personally love reading books, so those have been very helpful. Also this forum is really all you need as far as information on the internet, what I found personally is that if I look in too many places, I get overwhelmed as it is too much information to take in, so finding the right place for me was the first step. Anyway, I wish you much luck and good learning. Eva
  20. Your welcome....and I am learning....that I know. These kind of threads are helpful to me, and who knows, it might help another newbie as well.
  21. MisterEd....When I grow up, I want to be able to write up an analysis of a stock just like you! I am beginning to see things, but not able to write about them like that yet....Thank you so much. I thought it would catch the next resistance level at around 23.00. I guess I will be watching it very carefully tomorrow morning. Those candles were getting smaller and smaller, so as you pointed out, this could be going sideways for a while and that doesn't make money for sure. I will read your post a few times, as there are a few things I need to reallly understand better. Thank you so much for taking your time on this. And I agree, the free stockcharts seems to be pretty good, I have to take a look at it more, as I have never seen one of them, so I have no clue how to read it. So far only used the bar and candle charts. MrPaul.....funny you mention WDC, as that is one of the other stocks I have been trading, mainly swing trade, but has been pretty good to me so far. Thank you for pointing out the sector as well. I have a lot to learn still, and got stuck with a few stocks, so I have to venture out to learn about other stocks obviously.... Thank you both again! Eva
  22. See how you are???? Hehehe..... I see the point and it makes sense and I guess also the stock buyback makes sense, too. It was just interesting for me to see those huge chunks just showing up. I am really intrigued by these market makers moving the markets, just too interesting.
  23. Hey MisterEd, I would love to hear your thoughts.....I am beginning to learn about VSA, so would love to hear what you think. The stock is STX, Seagate
  24. Thank you both. You better believe I will be watching it like a hawk...hehehe. This stock is typically on my list anyway, and I was just scanning for news about it, that is how I found this little tip. It is good learning for me about these block buys....they supposable bought back 2.5 billion stocks back today for this one. Thanks, Eva
  25. OK, so it doesn't necesseraly mean that they bought it up to short first thing in the morning....I thought perhaps that is why they bougth it. There was a huge stock buyback on this one today, according to the news, perhaps this was the last of it for the day. Thanks for the quick answer. Eva
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