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  1. Dear Traders, I am the founder of a revolutionary internet technology startup which is going to create a paradigm shift in the world and change the way business will be transacted. (I am also a day trader, which is why I am looking to you for feedback and potential investment interest.). The technology may also serve the finance/day trading market, but this is NOT our main focus at this time. (We are laser focused on our goals.) We raised angel capital in the Boston area about two years ago in order to finalize our product, and in about one month we will be ready to go live. We soft-launched the site to friends and family and produced superb results - 8x what is considered industry standard. The patent by itself (if it gets approved by the USPTO) is potentially worth tens of millions of dollars, as our indirect competition recently raised $50M and valued at more than $2 billion. We have about 20 employees, (including some very high caliber individuals i.e. one of the first employees at HP, a CTO from one of the top dating sites in the US, a former executive from Kodak and a few Social Media Gurus) all working for "sweat equity," as they believe wholly in the idea. We are also leading up to making some joint ventures with technology companies that will enable us to penetrate markets outside the US, and to be exposed to 150 million+ users with ZERO marketing costs. As proof of how good this product/technology is - I lecture at top universities in the Boston area about our company and at the conclusion of the class, most students want to join our company as interns, claiming it is a revolutionary, bold idea. (Many of them have even asked to BUY SHARES of the company. however we are NOT allowed to sell shares to non qualified investors. (Based on the SEC, they have to meet the criteria of having a net worth of $1 million and/or earn above $200K a year) For this reason, I am considering the idea of purchasing an "Empty Clean Public Shell" - which is a non functioning ex- public company listed on the exchange, to raise money from the general public. This strategy has pros and cons - but overall our company’s story and mission is so persuasive and possesses so much potential (think FaceBook, Google etc.) it can be easily explained to the general public. I'm assuming there are a bunch of high net worth individuals & hedge Fund Managers on this forum - So if you’re tired of chasing bars all day long, want to invest in something tangible, and own actual stock of a company which has the potential of being the Next BIG Thing, please contact me either via this forum or the information below. We have two additional potential investors - so there is a chance of a syndicated deal. My apologies in advance for the lack of additional detailed information, but we are currently in "stealth mode". Obviously, if this post generates genuine interest by qualified individuals/investors - I will provide all information about the company. Please be aware that this is NOT a fraud e-mail (take a look at my screen name/ID and you will see I have been a participant in this forum for a few years now) - I don't have an uncle in Nigeria that needs your help in releasing millions from the bank.... - We are a legit Delaware C-Corporation. Respectfully, vangelis901@aol.com
  2. AgeKay, The answer to your first question is is my Second post- I guess you missed it again ... Anyway, wer'e grinding water - lets terminate the discussion as it has become fruitless.
  3. AgeKay, Thanks for the wonderful education (which I'm already aware of by the way...) I have seen the critics of the system, thus I did not recommend nor criticized VantagePoint software as I have never used it myself. Through the years I have become somewhat of a pessimist my self as this industry is full with used car salesman selling snakeoil -that being said - I also learned to take an educated chance every now and then since you may miss an opportunity of experiencing 1-5% of the genuine educators, platform developers etc. In regard to your ATTACK about me not doing my "due diligence" before writing something here I suggest you do the same as here is a quote from VantagePoint's website about their software and founders background to support that is is based on NEURAL NETWORKS : Could you do as a favor and at least have a quick look at the software you talk about? NOT SURE WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT Anyway, Chill man, chill....
  4. UrmaBlume, Another interesting link you may find interesting is: http://www.traderslaboratory.com/forums/f56/volume-splitter-5824.html I am also currently working on some ideas in the Bid/Ask space and Depth of Market. We are a 3 ppl team (two developers with years of experience ranging from computer game development to security, statistics, web design, indicator development, and low level assembly language... We are also toward finalizing our intensive Gap Research which so far shows great promise. Some of us were founders of technology startups and inventors (I wrote a few patents in my past). Non conventional thinking and unique approaches to solving problems is something we consider our selves good @. If you have any interesting ideas you would like to share/collaborate - I would be open to helping develop them (NDA is not an issue as long as we can enjoy the fruits of our labor... If there is interest -PM me- I can show you some of my past startup projects. This invitation is open to other members of the forum which are experienced traders that have potential "disruptive" ideas but no programming/development knowledge. Best, Sagi
  5. UrmaBlum, Great intellectual stimulation you provided. Here are some of my observations and some thoughts: 1. Since you are from Pete Steidmeyer era, I am interesting in knowing about LDB (Liquidity Data Bank). it is my understanding that it was "pulled off" by the exchange due to demand from institutionals claiming that the retail trader can "decipher" smart money from dumb money? Was this the reason and was a retial trader able to distinguish and categorize volume (I think it was called CTI1, CTI2 etc describing each participant in the market and the data was provided EOD or every 3 hours?) 2. Your "Derivatives" reference caught my attention as I try to look @ the markets from a holistic point of view. One of the things I heard was that in recent years the majority of the OPTIONS volume moved to ETF's. There was also a software called VANTAGEPOINT which uses neural networks for "forecasting" market movements- have u has a chance to play with it? 3. Some of the stuff I have seen on your website reminds me of: Futures Scalping Home Page I recently read an article by a Fidelity exec that said that DarkPool's transactional size was increased by 10% each year the last 2-3 years - will be interesting to see how this will effect the exchanges - maybe this is a new paradigm shift. The only thing I failed to grasp is that these markets are NOT quote based..so I'm not sure how they provide liquidity. Sagi
  6. Hi Blowfish, Well, I thought the do reside on the exchange - thats the whole idea of the stop isn't it... If that is the case (slippage) that cannot be protected then I'll never trade FOMC days again. Thanks fort he reply. Steve
  7. Hi All, I'm using NinjaTrader 6.5.10008 (latest) and I'm doing trade management using two target points and trailing the second target while using a stop loss that comes to break even+1 tick. I ran into two issues today @ the FOMC day trading the ES: 1. I scalped the first few times in the heavy spikes of 2:22pm after the FOMC announcement and all was good (made money) - then a few times my target was hit (you hear the women voice ":target hit) so automatically I'm @ breakeven+1 tick - but then suddenly I see I lost $$$ !!! (this doesn't make sense - I went from +$720 to $120 and then -$120 -this problem occurred several times. 2. After the target was hit - there were some open orders - but I couldn't cancel them - so I figured they weren't active and disconnected from broker and connected again - and the problem was solved. Needless to say I am angry with this problem - any1 else experience same thing?
  8. I guess the other question I have is if Short Interest is based on investor "intent" to short the stock or ACTUAL shorting of the stock? Best, Steve
  9. Hi, Does any1 know if I can receive REAL TIME put/call ratio and/or SHORT INTEREST data feed per SPECIFIC stock? Does this option exist in TradeStation? All of the stuff I saw out there on website is delayed or related to a general market index etc. Best, Steve
  10. Tresor, Though I agree with most of the things that were said here, if you still want to contact a developer - I have a good friend who is an MIT alumni that develops indicators in the TradeStation environment. Feel free to contact me if you want his information. You can also find developers outsourcing to countries like India and Russia (The Ukraine was one of the best outsourcing I have done - but you need a good English speaking project manager there). You can also put a "bid" on your work in websites such as "Guru" and "Elance" (I think they are not allowing Hyperlinks on this forum so I am refraining from doing so). The most important part is that you learn to write requirements - so the developers will understand what your needs are (and even then there is much room for false interpretation). By the way, today you can get one of those quad core laptops (64-bit) with a good acceleration card and RAID - which totally replaces the desktop server (for the most part) without going broke. Hope this helps, Steve
  11. I'll put my 2 cents regarding some of the interesting comments. Being a technical instructor early in my career, I ran into some VERY (few) bright/genius students and asked them why are they attending my class as it seems that they know a lot of the material and/or are able to study on their own . I was given an answer by one specific student that changed the way I think, he said -"I know that I can study on my own, but I need a framework as I am known to defocus and an easy prey for distractions" Being an entrepreneur and a founder of a high-tech startup these days, I truly believe that it's 99% who you know - not what you know - this is in regard to a previous post about being in the right place at the right time. It's also a numbers game - the more you try - the higher the probability you'll succeed. Anyway, deviating a bit from the main subject - but I thought I'll comment on some thoughts from previous threads. Best, Steve
  12. Hi Chris, You introduced a new scenario in which I agree with you. If a mentor is willing to teach a newbie + let them use HIS money + provide "revenue sharing" - and let them find their "own" style - then it is a good deal as all you have to loose it TIME. Too many newbies fail to find a genuine mentor - and this is the reason I started this thread - to give them another "tool" to decipher and find higher chances of the truth+ success rate. To every rule - there is also an exception .. Best, Steve
  13. Db, I agree with what you are saying - there is no conflict there. The problem is that so many "so called" mentors take peoples money without assessing their skills/will power to trade successfully. Either way, If someone wants to mentor me and asks for money - they better show me their brokerage account before I accept. Performance statements can easily be manipulated using Photoshop ... Personally, I'm the kind of person that if I found a good mentor - I would do revenue sharing with him for a while so it would be a win-win situation (again, this is only after verifying his account balance ... Steve
  14. Paul, Not sure what you are asking. Are you saying that a person with a large account isn't wiling to train/mentor? Maybe I miss read your post and you think his account is small ... I am assuming he was willing to share his success with others for free - since he wasn't asking for any money - nor was he trying to sell anything. This person belongs to a group that meets on a regular basis and shares ideas mostly about swing/long term trading. He is one of the only people doing day trading so there was a lot of demand from the group to hear how he day trades. His strategy is all about price action/pressure. Steve
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