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  1. I was talking about Tradersaudio.com and the audio in the pits
  2. Well for most it's a love hate thing. One you must use squawk for added info that's it. Like a indicator on your screen do you trade every indicator once it goes in a buy zone? No you don't. In response to the friend that said go long...because paper was buying. yes paper was buying but once the demand was gone it will sell off. everyone finds a niche, a way to trade if i am short and i here locals starting to jump in then paper I know i'm in the right direction. But sometimes what you don't hear is just as important as what you do. If nothing is going on, good idea to maybe not take a trade. Jon
  3. i'm looking for a programmer i see your talking about one. whats the cost. Can i get any recomendations from anyone. and numbers, websites, etc. thank you
  4. thanks for the feed back , Well I hope your trading goes well thanks for the info Jon
  5. Room is going well, I feel I hope i'm making a change for some in a positive way. Yes he tor into me thats life. have you listened all any feed back is great and anything on opening also thanks jon
  6. If you find anything please let me know love his system thank you jon
  7. no still looking for a stand alone program i currently use Trade Station as my platfrom of does TS come with a good one havent much written on it.
  8. did you ever get a response to a standalone software for MP
  9. looking for a open range system i need the times adjustable tell me wher i can put them in. i need in for ym but what i need is the 24 chart showing globex, then going into the new day buy at a opening range break long or short i have found a few n here but,. i suck and i change something it all dies. then i would like 3 cover set at 5 , 10 with a0 point stop hopfully i can adjust those. with a third target working on. thank you please emial or reply sirkin01@yahoo.com
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