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  1. Still at all these years later. “...It’s working...” 2021 less than 8% of population was below the poverty level . 2022 more than 12% . 2023 ?? .. "I think most people who follow this issue were expecting some increase in the number of children who had fallen into poverty or maybe were pushed into poverty, depending on how you look at it. But these numbers are astounding, I think, more than double the child poverty rate in 2022 that we saw in 2021, a result partly, of course, of the fact that cost of living has gone up. Some of the expenses that are taken into account in that measure, work expenses, medical expenses, et cetera, have gone up. But, primarily, it is due to a policy choice that lawmakers (mainly far-right Republicans) made, which was to basically let a number of pandemic-era programs lapse, chiefly the child tax credit, as you mentioned, but some others as well." Easy to spout (lazier) than to look into reasons why.
  2. Number 9, number 9 ,,,,, 9 is nothing and 9 is everything.
  3. Might be about 7 years too late.
  4. Had my fun, leaving this altered reality. Be back in another few years. If T-Lab still has a pulse.
  5. LOL what's with the quotes "then they came ....". Quoting yourself. Although I am a progressive thinker I am the further thing away from a libber but just short of a Red Dawn gun crazy. But I bet, again, you are just not admitting that you love Smart bombs and Tomahawk missiles and Abram tanks and Stealth Fighters as much as the next gun lubber. Also I know there is not militia. Just kooks and their phallic guns "protecting" us all. Meanwhile better stock up before the are all gone: http://www.businessinsider.com/costco-amazon-emergency-kits-2018-3
  6. Do you believe everything you read? I believe almost nothing someone posts online They took his gun ... according to some wingnut gun blogger. huh zdon't know. Really, must be true, because someone said it was. Nice touch in both links with the stock photo of swat storm troopers. Did these all those guys show up for one pistol. LOL Meanwhile bet you are all for having a strong kick azz military and militarized state and local police. But you and the "militia" we defend us from tyranny. LOL
  7. "A man in Seattle has had his gun confiscated by police after breaking no laws." I guess ... a man ... with no name? You would think (the writer should try it sometimes) if someone had their gun confiscated they were charged criminally and there would be a public record to look at and see who they are, duh. Otherwise they just across like a right wingnut gun lubber. Neighbor Tony Montana that's a good one though lol. Of course story is followed by a gold shilling ad.
  8. Why is this in the technical analysis section? Almost all posts are opinion.
  9. The "party" has moved elsewhere (years ago) I guess. Last one out turn off the light. :ciao:
  10. and men? Still at the polling station picking Trumpie?
  11. Having posted in a while. I never get forum email notifications that there has been new posts. Doesn't look like I missed much. Anyway still think lows haven't got here yet. But I do think the highs (of the current move) have. :rofl:
  12. Friday's (other than NFP Friday's- like today) are usually ho hummmmm. "Get your popcorn ready!!!"
  13. Today had decent volume, waiting on open interest to pop. Or is it flop.
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