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  1. I started trading via Demo accounts of $50,000 US during September 2003. During March 2006 I started trading real funds. 5 Years later I still trade and on a scale of 1 to 100 I would give myself a 60 starting in 2006. Today I would give myself a 90 with my average ROI about 10% a month. Trading is about 75% psychological and maybe more. However unless you have superior Risk Management skills in these markets you will lose. I guess that does tie into your 90% psychological. Nice to see your post.
  2. I sincerely wish you the best and I hope you have much fun and make much money. If you are interested I can post some links for you that will probably compliment your futures trading. What futures do you trade ? I consider myself highly knowledeable in Gold and Silver though it does make crazy moves because of interventions in the paper market. Try reading Jim Sinclair's Mineset daily for very good insight into the real news not the CNBC spin news. Snippet: From October 8 Jim Sinclair’s Commentary Globalism has its downside. This is quite true. Major U.S. Banks At Risk If European Debt Crisis Spreads If European politicians are unable to contain their sovereign debt problems, Wall Street could be on the brink of another financial crisis, according to economists. Although U.S. banks have limited their direct exposure to Greece, they have loaned hundreds of billions of dollars to European banks and governments that may not be able to pay them back, according to the Bank for International Settlements. If some European governments and banks are forced to default on at least part of their debt, American banks could lose a significant amount of money on that account alone. The resulting panic from investors could compound the losses. Short-term borrowing costs would spike, bank stock prices would plummet and investors could demand their money from banks, several economists say. In a repeat of the liquidity crisis of 2008, some U.S. banks could run out of the money necessary to fund their day-to-day operations. "We’ve seen this already," said Jay Bryson, global economist at Wells Fargo Securities. "Some sort of financial crisis in Europe would be enough to finally push the United States economy back into a recession." Some predict that a European financial crisis would spread quickly to U.S. shores. The pain would not come directly from government defaults; U.S. banks have loaned just $36.2 billion to the five European governments that are in danger of defaulting: Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain and Italy. But U.S. banks have also loaned $60.6 billion to banks in those five countries, and $275.8 billion to banks in Germany and France, according to data from the Bank for International Settlements. A string of sovereign debt defaults would endanger the survival of major European banks, including those in France and Germany, which hold a large amount of troubled sovereign debt on their books, some economists note. According to Bryson, French banks’ exposure to the five European countries that are in danger of defaulting amounts to 25 percent of France’s gross domestic product, and the exposure of German banks to those countries is worth 15 percent of Germany’s total output. More… . Thanks for your reply.
  3. I had posted that almost three years ago. I would say that the number is pretty close to the truth. Most forex trader's including many of the professionals are technical traders. I would guess that of all forex trader's professional or retail that at least 75% of them trade using either technicals or price action. I have been trading real funds now since March 9, 2006 and I have come to the following conclusions. Whether you are a technical trader or a fundamental trader or a EA trader or a combination of them all unless you have the discipline and the pyshological makeup you will be a losing forex trader. A winning forex trader first and foremost needs discipline and contol of your greed, your fears and most important of all your EGO. The market is always right period until it is not. The PERCEPTION is always the REALITY until it is not. A fundamental trader with a risk management plan along with a trade plan understanding human nature and with an excellent grasp of the fundamentals has a good chance to win in forex. I have invested 5 years of my life to learn my trade which I love. I spend many hours doing research. I have set hours to trade in and I understand price action and know when each asset class such as gold, oil, currencies, US bonds change values how it will affect the other asset class that I mainly trade. EUR/USD is my key currency that I trade. I win over 80% of all my trades and my goal each month is to earn a minimum of 10% net a month. I am sure my trading style would not work for at least 75% of all traders who think that they can win in forex without investing time and energy and especially only trading by the technicals which change like night and day especially in these volatile times. Good Trading ALL !!!
  4. Thanks I think I know that man. Avery is his name. He never loses and life goes on. Peace out Brother... Bruce
  5. My Edge today will be to see your Chart on EUR/USD !!! It now trades at 1.3639 Bid and if Dow goes down then EUR/USD should go down. Overnight it went up and as the day moves on it will move with the Dow !!! What does your Chart look like ? Price action but humans make price action and they like to go with the Momentum until all of a sudden that changes as information changes. The real EDGE is understanding the false PERCEPTION of the Masses who are always wrong longer term. Have a Great Trading Day !!!
  6. Good For You ! Be Interested In Whatever Interests You. Be 100% right 100%of the time. Alice In Wonderland is alive and well now at least in the USA !!! The Dow is headed for 6000 as price movements will tell you BUT fundamentals could have told you that about one year ago. That is the beauty of life. Everyone can be an EXPERT in their own mind but in the end the only result that counts for a trader, investor, speculator or gambler is "HOW MUCH DID YOU WIN" ? Welcome to the real world folks. Fundamentals are KEY PERIOD !!! Everything else is NOISE ! Does anyone here recall August 8, 2008 ? Look it up on a chart and you will see that ONE FUNDAMENTAL FACT and ONE MAN'S WORD created the situation where EUR/USD reversed trend from a High of 1.6000 and around August 8, 2008 it was around 1.5500 and then LOOK AT IT go down to 1.2500 There was NO CHART in the world that showed that. Sure price movement showed it go from 1.5500 to 1.2500 SO WHAT ? The FUNDAMENTAL FACT of Trichet saying we will CUT and why changed it all and not only for EUR/USD Comments welcome but no comment can change that FUNDAMENTAL FACT !!!
  7. If you want to win consistently and be a winner in forex trading with all your tools is the only way to go. Without understanding fundamentals then the odds of anyone being a consistent winner are not good. If you can win without all the proper tools more power to you. All the thoughts and opinions are only valid if you have the results as well. Is there anyone posting an opinion who can honestly say that they average over 10% increase in NAV month after month after month and win at least 75% of all their FX trades ? Perhaps a few but I doubt more. I achieve the results mentionned and more so my post is not opinion it is FACT.
  8. Message for gec1000 Your points make good sense. Watch this 7 minute video. http://broadcast.ino.com/education/traders_whiteboard_6/?blog
  9. Does It Work ? Do You Make Money Using It ? Does It Cost You Money To Use It ? Do You Understand How It Works ? Are You Winning In Forex ? Questions and do you have any Answers ? Markets Open effectively at 6:00 PM EST Happy Trading !!!
  10. With respect for your view ! I am a real forex trader. I am not selling anything here or anywhere else. Is the Stat misleading ? What if it is ! The only point I make is that based on 5 years of hands on experience and trading by using the fundamentals + the technicals + understanding when the perception is not the reality leads to winning results. Perhaps some technical FX traders win ? Great ! Whatever works for you. I can teach someone with the right pyschological profile to win at forex BUT not by using only technicals. By knowing that the FED would CUT 75 basis points I had an edge. Look at the movements after the CUT ! The Charts did not show it ! How did I know ? Well it was not a 100% certainty BUt it was about 75% so I knew that the cut would send the US Dollar Index down. When the ECB later on again went from Hawkish to Dovish as to more CUTS the EUR/USD reversed ! Again NO CHARTS gave a hint to that change again in direction ! MY EDGE ... Understanding the fundamentals using technicals for entry and exit along with being aware of ONE WORD that can change PERCEPTION which then changes Fundamentals. That is my point of view. You are welcome to yours. Good weekend Folks !!!
  11. How about a little POLL on this ? It requires 100% honesty ! How many here who trade without fundamentals have won in each of last three months ? How many that trades with both have done the same thing ?
  12. Dear Fellow Trader I have been around this business since 2003. I have been a member here since 2006. I have dealt with many posters like and unlike you. I have posted on other forums. Those that know know and the others well there is not much hope. I am not selling anything. Start a thread and I will post there if you like. Have a Good Day !
  13. All I have to say as my final word is I win 90% of all my trades. I earn over 10% a month. I trade using fundamentals, technicals and market perception. If you win consistently using just price action or any method ,Great ! Use what works for you ! Good Trading ! I am just stating my experiences of 5 years.
  14. That was point made by another party. In theory I agree. I had few minutes to spare so while watching EUR/USD I posted this however 5 minutes of time is not hanging around Bump: I have tried to start Threads to teach FX Traders how to win ! I find that very few are ready to invest the time and energy to learn ! I win usually 90% of the time but I invest the time needed. Trade USD/CAD and Correlate it to the Dow UP or Down !
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