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Re: Is This Too Good to Be True??

I think that extremely successful strategies are possible. I also think that there are incredibly few people who come up with them. Out of all the competitors, somebody will win the gold medal.
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Re: Is This Too Good to Be True??

In regards to best time to trade for your particular strategy. Try this code for back testing. Place it near to the first line of your code.

Input:TimeOpen (930),TimeClose (1600);
If Time >TimeOpen and Time <TimeClose begin
Your Code here

Back test it over a few months and you get your best time to trade your strategy. You can add a lunch break if you wish.

Good luck,
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Re: Is This Too Good to Be True??

Originally Posted by feng2088 »

I use limit orders to buy and sell, and I also set a stoploss. So I can avoid most of the slippages. I understand that Stoploss is the only type of orders would have slippage among the three I use.
I would like to point out, that market conditions can prevent ANY kind of order form executing. For example, a Limit order may trigger, but if volume dries up and there is no one to take the other side of the trade, it may not actually execute. Same if there is a limit move, or the market is stopped for some reason.

Not saying your ideas are not usable. It just that you should understand that risk, and slippage cannot really be eliminated for sure. Be aware of that.
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