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Re: Eminiman414's Log (Learning Wyckoff)

A quick note the results I am about to post are not 100% SLA. Just saying that as to not discredit DBs method. It is fantastic and I am forever grateful to have stumbled upon it. With that said...

I traded a time period from 1/6-4/23. Some trades were 100% SLA others I looked at re-entering, some at 50% some not at 50%. I took some trades based on SARs. Some trades I gave some room and others played tighter. Basically I did this to get a general idea as to what makes sense and what does not. I traded one contract from 9:30-11:00 for the most part. I pretty much wanted to know how successful or not I would be and in a way possibly have an idea of a worst case scenario trading this method (with the exception of the few things I looked at). All of the trades also were taken without any context behind them.

My plan now is to go back and review these days and what I did while adding in the context to give me a better understanding of the successes and failures. I will also review the re-entries and SARs etc. to see what worked out better than the others. From there along with the context I will look at what happened at certain times of the session. I will also look at how many days were range days that could be traded, vs. choppy days vs. trend days and what came before them. I will also look at things like if we open at the high of the day what typically happens? How many times do we reverse vs. BO and continue etc.? Just things like that to give me more of an idea of how the NQ moves.
I know the SLA works I just want to get better at it.

# of trades taken: 191
winning points: 593.75
losing points: 244.25
net points: 349.5
winning trades: 89
losing trades: 102
winning percentage: 46.6
losing percentage: 53.4
Avg. winning trade: 6.67
Avg. losing trade: 2.39
Ratio: 2.79
Avg. MFE: 5.81
Avg. MAE: 1.90

I will review all of this and then try to characterize this market. I know there is a lot of info posted and a lot of the work is done, but going thru this process, finding things out and learning for myself will be a great help. I also know just adding in the context will increase my winning% etc.

Back to work!
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