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SST Swiss Franc Futures

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In the OC this morning someone mentioned trading the Swiss Franc Future (TradeStation SF, IB/Ninja 6s) using the SST.


I backtested from early June (no earlier data was available), a bit over 300 trades (2 contracts, basic and trailer). The early going was brutal--maybe because the instrument was new? But since mid September (the December contract) it has been scarily on fire.


Even including the bad months gave total profit of $7.1K. Winning % is 67.


I used the EC calc settings and the following additional rules:

- Trade 8:30 Chicago time to 9:30 Chicago time

- If no trades have setup by 9:30, quit.

- If in a trade at 9:30, let it play out.


Since mid-Sept almost every day there has been a huge trailer.


Thanks to the person who made the suggestion!




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Thanks for the post Raj. Sorry I have been MIA for a while. Keep in mind that the Swissie is a place where money will go to for safety. There is a big realignment of value taking place right now, with European countries' major debt problems, US record level deficits, etc. You can see it in the rise of commodity pricing, stock valuations, supermarket prices, gas prices, etc. They say there's relatively low inflation but you gotta wonder about that. Someone's trying to dupe someone, so it would seem. This kind of uncertainty in the world is going to wake up a safe haven currency like the Swiss Franc and as a result, there will be great trade oppotunities and as we all know by now, the SST will pick up those opportunities and put us in the best position to profit from them.

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I finally got an SF futures tradeplan posted up to the SST Owner's Club. I believe it is a good one too. In fact, I like it so much that I have begun trading it each day. I use a 233 tick chart and trade from 8:15 to 11 am with a strict "Power of Quitting" daily goal setting strategy. In short, I need two winners, one that has to have gotten to within 1 tick of its full fixed target AND have a positive result. This approach has produced a 72% winning percentage over the past 6 months and a constantly climbing equity curve. I trade two positions; 1 to an SST measured fixed target (the 3rd dot), and the other I let trail with one of the SST trailing stop techniques. One caveat to that is that I will add to my position as a separately managed trade when the SST Add-on setup presents itself. I manage it separately but I consider it the same trade as the original position in regards to my quitting strategy. Here's an equity curve over the past 6 months and a screen shot of this morning's trades, just to give an idea of what this trade looks like.


I love trading currency futures vs. spot forex. I like the centralized market (CME) and the standardized contract sizes. At $12.50 per tick, you can do quite well. The SF is one of the more steady and reliable currency futures out there these days. It's slow enough to give you time to think, and reliable enough to produce solid, steady gains. Who know's how long the fun will last, but if it ain't broke, I ain't complaining!



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