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TTM Wave a B C Indicator Code

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Download TTM Squeeze Indicator For Amibroker (AFL)


//~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ John Carter's TTM Squeeze Indicator~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
//	Description:	Bollinger Bands AND Keltner Channel define the market
//					conditions, i.e. when BB is narrower than KC then we have
//					a market squeeze.  When BB break Outside the KC then trade
//					in the direction of the smoothed Momentum(12).
//	Parameters:	
//				*	chanPeriod    - Bollinger Bands AND Keltner Channel length
//				*	bolBandStdDev - width of the Bollinger Bands
//				*	keltStdDev    - width of the Keltner Bands
//				*	momPeriod     - # of bars for Momentum indicator
//				*	momEMA        - EMA of the Momentum indicator
//	Source              :   John Carter, www.TradeTheMarkets.com
//	Interpretation      :	Kris Tokarzewski, Johannesburg, 15-Dec-2006
// AmiBroker Conversion:   Levent Pancuk, 22 Feb-2008 
//                         lpancuk@yahoo.com

function Momentum( array, period )
 return array - Ref( array, -period );

chanPeriod     = Param("Channel Period", 20);
bolBandStdDev  = Param("Bollinger Band StdDev",2);
keltStdDev     = Param("Keltner Band StdDev",1.5);
momPeriod      = Param("Momemtum Period", 12 );
momEMA         = Param("Momentum EMA Period", 5);

highBBChl = BBandTop( C, chanPeriod, bolBandStdDev);
lowBBChl  = BBandBot( C, chanPeriod, bolBandStdDev); 

centerLine = MA( C, chanPeriod );
highKeltn  = centerLine + keltStdDev * ATR(chanPeriod);
lowKeltn   = centerLine - keltStdDev * ATR(chanPeriod);

momHist = EMA(Momentum(C, momPeriod),momEMA);

BBUp  = IIf(highBBChl > highKeltn AND momHist > 0, momHist, 0);
BBDo  = IIf(lowBBChl < lowKeltn AND momHist < 0, momHist, 0);
BBMid = IIf(BBUp == 0 AND BBDo == 0, momHist, 0);

Buy  = BBUp; 
Sell = BBDo; 

Buy = ExRem(Buy,Sell)AND Volume>25000;
Sell = ExRem(Sell,Buy)AND Volume>25000;

Plot(BBUp, "TTM Squeeze - Momentum Up", colorBlue,styleHistogram  | styleThick);
Plot(BBDo, "Momentum Down", colorOrange, styleHistogram  | styleThick);
Plot(BBMid, "Momentum Mid", IIf(BBMid > 0, colorLightBlue, colorBrown), styleHistogram  | styleThick);

PlotShapes( shapeSmallCircle*Buy, colorGreen,0, 0, 0); 
PlotShapes( shapeSmallCircle*Sell, colorRed,0, 0, 0);

AlertIf( Buy, "", "Simple text alert", 2 );


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Could someone Open attached TradeStation ELD File

name: " 20110116171505TTM-ABC-WAVES.ELD "


And post the contents of this ELD file as Text on this Traderslaboratory site


(Link below



With thanks to " johnnydaymon " for the original File

Thank you in advance



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