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Found 8 results

  1. Is it possible to have the same indicator on one chart showing multiple time frames? I currently use a (500, 1500 and 4500) tick charts. All three charts have the same indictors. If possible I would like to have the 500 tick chart show all the three (500, 1500, 4500) indicators.
  2. Looking for a TradeStation indicator that lights up when one indicator points in the same direction on three different time frames? Also, can this be done using shares instead of minutes?
  3. Hi I use the hulMA on my charts and would like to modify it to pull info from another chart. For example i have a 60 min and a 15 min chart open in the same workspace in Tradstation. on my 15 min chart i want to add the hullMA of the 15 min and 60 min chart. How can i do this Here is the code im using Inputs: price(Close), length(21), zeroLine(0.0), zeroVisible(false), upColour(Green), downColour(Red), colourDeltaBar(1); Value1 = jtHMA(price, length); Plot1(Value1, "jtHMA"); If ZeroVisible = true then Plot2(zeroLine, "Zero"); { Color criteria } if (Value1 > Value1[1]) then SetPlotColor[colourDeltaBar](1, upColour) else if (Value1 < Value1[1]) then SetPlotColor[colourDeltaBar](1, downColour);
  4. Hey Guys, I was wondering if you guys knew if it was possible to get daily moving averages on a five minute chart in tradestation. Unfortunately, everything I can find is based off of bars on a chart as opposed to days. Thanks, Matt
  5. Hi guys,I am trying to refer daily value in an intraday chart can anybody hlep me how to do it? for example i want refer the average of rsi of last 10 days in the intraday chart. can anybody tell me how to get it in EL suppose i give average(rsi(close,14),10) in the intraday chart it gets the averge of intraday bars but i want to get 10 day daily bar average. anybody pls help.
  6. I'd like to create a system with two time-frames (20m and 4hour bars) in MultiCharts, but I haven't been able to locate any information on how to reference another time series. Is there a switch of sorts? Any help is most welcome.
  7. I wanted to discuss this as it is something I have found to be used by just about every successful trader I have conversed with yet is something not extensively spoken about. At least I haven’t seen a solid thread about it thus far in TL so I thought I would get the ball rolling. Obviously we all don’t trade the same so I welcome all the traders who use different time frames to post here (I know numerous from the forum) and explain their ideas about market fractals. I will start and get the ball rolling but I am actually more interested to see the diverse thoughts and beliefs on the topic. For me trading market fractals is based upon ranges and breakouts. Majority of the time the market rises, forms a range, breaks out of the range and declines. It then forms another range, breaks out of the range and rises again. This is best understood by picturing waves in ones mind. Of course there are times when the market reverses without a range but I don’t trade those so will leave it to someone else to talk about. Why are different timeframes based on ranges and breakouts? This actually took me longer than it probably should have to figure out. At any one time when the market is ranging, it is breaking out of a different timeframe. The same is applied to any one time when the market is breaking out, it is ranging in a different timeframe. I have posted a couple of examples below with annotations that should help understand this concept. The magnitude of importance of this concept managed to elude me for a long time because it wasn’t explained to me in black and white and was something I learnt through extensive screen time. Of course traders always said, “don’t trade with just one timeframe, keep an eye on numerous ones”. Heck if they had of told me that reversals are breakouts it would have made life much easier. So going into further detail… Many successful traders advocate using at least 3 timeframes to trade from. Do I need to be so obvious to state a small, middle and larger timeframe? So why 3 and not 5 or 10? Well psychologically we tend to like things in 3’s but some traders might use more. I personally use 5 timeframes and 2 different volume charts. Made up of 5 second, 1 minute, 5 minute, 15 minute and daily charts as well as 1000 volume and 50,000 volume charts. Are these timeframes better than others, no. They are just ones I like. I use a few more than others, some I just glance at a few times per day. Others I watch constantly. Why is this important? Well at any one time the 15 minute chart could be ranging but the 5 minute chart is rising yet the 1 minute chart is falling. This sounds confusing if you think about them all at once doing this but it is thought of in comparison to their past movement. So the 15 minute chart could be ranging within 15 points but the 5 minute chart is in an uptrend to the high of the 15 minute range. At the same time we are seeing a standard pullback in that 5 minute uptrend which is seen by the 1 minute chart falling. New traders may be reading this scratching their heads just as I did prior to understanding the concept. I do suggest after reading this post and hopefully others in this thread, that you go dwell on this a little and let it sink in. Let’s keep going with the above example. One could be trading all three scenarios at once if they were aware of them all. I don’t advocate doing such a thing but it is possible. One who isn’t aware of these scenarios is pretty much lost. I say this because if one is trading the 1 minute chart decline, if they don’t realise they are in a 5 minute uptrend they may not look to take profits at the first sign of continuation of the 5 minute trend. The trader riding the 5 minute uptrend may not realize there is resistance at the 15 minute range high and not be ready to reverse his position should it be respected. At the same time he may not know to add to his position on a solid break of that range high. Hopefully those new to this market fractals concept has had a light bulb go off in regards to reversals and breakouts. A reversal is in fact a breakout in a smaller time frame. Let’s say the 5 minute market has hit its high and stays there for 3 bars or 15 minutes. On a 1 minute chart the market has likely made a range at the high. A breakout to the downside on the 1 minute chart is not represented as a breakout on the 5 minute chart. In fact the last low could be 6 points away from the top yet the 1 minute range breakout could be 2.5 points from the top. Therefore it doesn’t make sense when traders say you can’t trade breakouts in such and such market. Many traders say trading breakouts in the ES market is not a good strategy, well they probably just don’t realize they are most likely trading breakouts on a smaller time frame but don’t even realize it. I made this post a bit longer than I expected but I do hope some other traders share their expertise in trading different time frames as it is a valuable concept for many to learn and understand.
  8. Hello, I'm not a TS programmer, so I'm going to ask for help on this. Also, tell me if it's a dumb idea as well. I have limited screen space so instead of having to have multiple charts up for a higher time frame I was wondering if it possible and relatively easy to create a TS showme that prints a dot above each candle indicating the trend direction on a highet timeframe. So, for example, if I generally look at a 266 tick chart and i want to know what the trend is on a timeframe multiple of 3 or 4 times would it be possible to show a dot on the 266 tick chart indicating the trend of the 1064 tick chart (266*4)? A red dot for down or green for up. Of course this could be as complicated depending on the modifiable inputs such as higher timeframe and number of bars to determine trend etc. Any help is appreciated. By the way, I want to sell it for $499. Just kidding David
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