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  1. That's great - thank you very much for pointing that out to me!
  2. I'd like to create a system with two time-frames (20m and 4hour bars) in MultiCharts, but I haven't been able to locate any information on how to reference another time series. Is there a switch of sorts? Any help is most welcome.
  3. So far I'm struggling with a piece of code for my new system. I want to base my strategy upon the hourly open, but at the same time use 1-min bars for some accuracy when backtesting. My intention was to use the variable LastBarTime+2 to compare for instance 1000 to 0959+2 and thus identify that a new hour had started. But, this method doesn't work for me. Anyone familiar with the time functions care to offer anything on this? [intrabarOrderGeneration = true] Inputs:Equity( 1000000 ), Price ( Close ), OpenPrice( Open ), BreakOutValue ( 0.0015 ), ProfitTarget (0.0005), EMALength (120), AutoTrading (False); Variables: StopPrice(0), LastBarTime(0), HourlyOpen(0), EMAValue(0), ForcePositionClose(0), PositionThisHour(0); // ****************************** SetStopShare; If Time > (LastBarTime+2) then begin HourlyOpen = OpenPrice; LastBarTime = Time; PositionThisHour = 0; if marketposition <> 0 then ForcePositionClose=1; end; EMAValue = XAverage (Price, EMALength); // *** Long Entry Order *** If HourlyOpen > EMAValue and marketposition = 0 and PositionThisHour = 0 then begin Buy ("Long") (Equity+NetProfit)/OpenPrice Contracts next bar at (HourlyOpen + BreakOutValue) stop; StopPrice = OpenPrice; end; // *** Short Entry Order *** If HourlyOpen < EMAValue and marketposition = 0 and PositionThisHour = 0 then begin SellShort ("Short") (Equity+NetProfit)/OpenPrice Contracts next bar at (HourlyOpen - BreakOutValue) +1 point stop; StopPrice = OpenPrice; end; // *** Set Profit Target and Stop Loss *** if marketposition > 0 then SetProfitTarget (HourlyOpen+ProfitTarget); if marketposition < 0 then SetProfitTarget (HourlyOpen-ProfitTarget); if marketposition <> 0 then SetStopLoss (BreakOutValue); // *** Time Stops *** if marketposition < 0 and ForcePositionClose=1 then begin Buy To Cover ( "TimeSX" ) next bar at market; ForcePositionClose = 0; end; if marketposition > 0 and ForcePositionClose=1 then begin Sell ("TimeLX") Next Bar at market; ForcePositionClose = 0; end; if marketposition <> 0 then PositionThisHour = 1;
  4. IDEALPRO is the ECN-offering of Interactive Brokers (usually referred to as IB). If you're looking for an ECN I can definitely recommend it, but at the same time I have to admit that I haven't looked into the ECN-offerings of dealing desk FX-companies like FXCM. Several of these have moved into ECN as of late, and for all I know they might be very tight if you're not trading very large size. IB is pretty good for what I'd call medium size - from 125k up to about 2-4m per trade. Also, the word is that HotSpot FX' retail operation closed down, and that all their retail accounts now can trade on the institutional FXi-platform. If that's right then that's also a very good venue for most major pairs.
  5. I've been trading the exact same pair a lot and would find such discussion interesting. I trade it on IDEALPRO, although lately (whilst changing accounts and taking care of some backoffice-stuff that's dragging on) I haven't been trading it quite as heavily. I also appreciate the volatility vs the spread - and tend to watch the EURUSD as well as the USDJPY to gauge the EURJPY and where it might be heading. I also watch the EURGBP and GBPUSD as Euro and Cable are so closely tied together that Cable movement affects EURJPY. I scalp, but the big money is identifying and catching those 100-200 pip trends that take place 2-5 times each week. And catching the reversals as well. Usually, these trends stem from a move in the Euro and/or Yen generated from a change in the willingness to take risks in bonds/equities - with the dollar not wanting to strengthen or weaken. Usually this creates a huge move that sooner or later reverses. I hate when the dollar is moving by itself, as the EURJPY gets a somewhat boring tradingrange and also has fake breakouts that can be devious and dangerous for your account. I trade a combination of discretionary and systems - looking for 5-30 pips for the most part (except for when I tag onto a super move). Watching the charts but also listening to a news service (RANsquawkFX) during the day. I am not really up for posting trades or anything, as I see that as pretty useless on a forum - I think it's more suited for general talk about where the pair is heading in the long term - which is kind of offtopic regarding the title of the thread.
  6. Yes, real commissions (IB) and realistic slippage. It's listed in the Excel-sheet, Strategy Analysis tab, row 25 and 26. The historical data I've been using is from eSignal, and I've now in the meantime compared this with 1m-data from IB which makes me question the realism of the backtest. The data are not quite the same - the price movements at IB are tighter and more jumpy, whereas it seems more rangebound with eSignal. This affects the system performance, although I'm still investigating this. See attached chart for the same time period, IB on the left side.
  7. Although I've been trading for more than 10 years, I've just recently started some serious automation efforts. My first attempt is a system that's only been tested on five months of 1m data, but is so frequent that it's still pretty interesting. My objectives is high-frequency, smooth equity curve. Not too big drawdown (less than 10%). Attached is the Equity Curve as well as most of the analysis from MultiCharts (some has been removed, as I don't want discussion on market selection). Any feedback is welcome. A few additional comments: As you can see, the strategy had a major drawdown in October. I have a catastrophical stoploss built in, and it got triggered multiple times. Stopping the system for the remainder of the day would improve the results, but I don't know how to code that yet Also, the position sizing has not been properly done. Right now it just reinvests profits - and trades with a leverage of 1.2 to 1. Is there a "simple" way of working with position sizing in MC? Trendfaker.xls
  8. Trying to get my feet wet with MultiCharts, without any prior EasyLanguage experience. Looks good so far, but one thing I've done is to work out a strategy the "wrong way around" - getting it to perform as badly as possible, and I'm now trying to reverse the signals: This is the long entry (it's your classic Price Channel Breakout) that's working, a buy stop: Input: Price (High), Length(20); Buy ("Long") next bar at HighestFC (Price,Length) + 1 point stop; Now I want to make this into a sell if price breaches the H(20), here's my take which gives the wrong entry price: SellShort ("Short") next bar at HighestFC (Price, Length) +1 point stop; Anyone care to lend a newbie a hand here?
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