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Spreadbetting Journal £1,000 - £30,000

Hi big goal right?
I'm looking to start a journal that shows my trades before the market opens so you can follow if you like.
I have been simulating trades for the past year with my own formulated strategy which has proved very successful!
I turned £10,000 into just over £300,000 in 12 months!
Yes i was using an aggressive money management system where I would double up every time my capital did however the strategy I am using has worked out to be very profitable and consistent.

My goal now is to use my own £1,000 and take the plunge! its sink or swim time!
I can afford to lose £1k so if this doesnít work then so be it it's worth a shot

I will place my trades on here just after the market close for the Dow Jones for next days trading at the opening bell for the Dow Jones the next day at 14.30pm GMT

Example of trade notification.Signal: BUY closed price 12400/stop loss 12333/limit 12500
Potential Profit: 100 points

Buy= trade direction
Closed price = what price did the Dow close so we know ball park figure for opening at 14.30 GMT
Stop loss = what level to set stop loss
Limit = what price to set limit to take profits

I will start with £1k and use a £1 per point allocation until I turn it into £2k
then I will trade £2 per point. Once I double my account size again to £4k I will use £4 per point increasing as my account does.
I have little room for error however this system works well.
All trades must be closed at the closing bell at 21.00pm (GMT) if they have not been triggered by the stop loss or limit level.

If the opening price is above or below the stop loss or limit price I will not trade until it falls to previous levels close price.

Your welcome to enjoy the ride with me
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Re: Spreadbetting Journal £1,000 - £30,000

So far it doesn't look very promising...
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Re: Spreadbetting Journal £1,000 - £30,000

Did you start this yet goldenbull?? It'd be very interesting to see a strategy like this as the account develops(or doesn't).


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Thumbs up Re: Spreadbetting Journal £1,000 - £30,000

Hello GB
How's it going? I am new to this site. I day trade spread/cfd, would be interested to hear how you are doing
good luck mate!
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