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  1. With the new design of the site, this feature was removed along with the drop down menu. It is currently found at the bottom of the "Forums" page but... I would like to suggest that it is added to the "Unread Posts" page as well since it seems like another very logical spot. Thanks.
  2. Maybe until market close on Friday? What he should have done (or do in the future)... Instead of having that front page popup to register/login, he should have (for a couple of days) a short description and link to this forum. Just a thought. Especially if he could make the popup a one time thing per user. ----edit/added below---- OR just use the top ad banner space for a few days. Either way, I would suggest a slight adjustment to the naming of the thread next time by starting with "CONTEST" For example... CONTEST: Guess the Market Close for Q1 2011 CONTEST: Guess the Market Close for End of Year 2011
  3. Hlm

    Where to Go from Here

    My point being...if you aren't willing to put yourself financially on the line, why should anyone else trust you with their money.
  4. Hlm

    Where to Go from Here

    Let's keep this simple. If you really have a winning strategy and are that confident then just take it out on credit (e.g. Credit Card). It should be doable with the amount you say you "need". Then you get to keep everything but the interest and you don't have to deal with another individual.
  5. http://www.babypips.com/school/
  6. Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell
  7. Hlm

    Spot FX Vs CME FX Futures

    Very good points Kiwi!! I am trading E/U through MBTrading at this very moment, and the spread has consistently been < 1 pip. They have no need to "play games" because they make their money through commission. Yes, there are bucket shops out there that play games through their quotes and software, but you aren't required to trade through them. As for trading news, one has to remember that we are dealing directly with currency so any scheduled news/figure announcement is going to have a much quicker reaction since the banks will reflect the change on a dime.
  8. Hlm

    Spot FX Vs CME FX Futures

    I thought I would quickly add my two cents since I started day trading in Forex... As far as needing to see depth, it all depends on ones strategy. Personally, my strategy has no need for depth and/or volume. I just need to know where price is now and where it has been. So this may or may not be an issue. There is the option of going through a broker that does give you quotes without games and just charges you a commission (e.g. MBTrading). There are some great advantages to Forex such as precise money management for those with smaller accounts. It just comes down to what you need and want. But don't believe any blanket statement and always do your own due diligence.
  9. So I see that the first meeting was a bust. For you beginners out there, (imo) THIS BOOK is one of the best for making it in this career...or any competitive one for that matter.
  10. Hey Brownsfan, I've been looking into the same thing for me and some fellow traders that regularly hang out in the current TL chatroom. It really depends on how many people you wish to share with, how often, and do you need the ability for multiple screen shares at the same time (versus a "presenter"). Good resources that I have found.... Web conferencing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Comparison of web conferencing software - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia I believe that Skype now has screen sharing native with no need for a plugin. Currently DimDim seems to be a very popular service. The free version probably has everything you would need. Also, you can run it on your own server for free if you have one. It seems like their paid version mainly gives you more dedicated resources (runs faster) and some customization. Even with their "Pro" version the cost is almost half of the other popular services (WebEx, OmNoiva, etc).
  11. Hi Hlm,


    Thanks for your work on this chart - Bid Vs Ask Volume - SierraCharts.


    It is what I think I have been looking for the last 3 months.




    1. On the per minute chart, describe what each line stands for, particularly the blue line. I refer to your graphic image posted here at TL.


    2. I think a variation of this chart would be helpful. I would like to see total volume of bid, total volume of ask and total volume of bid and ask in the bar form on a per minute basis.

    Imagine, 1000 shares at the ask (in green) and 10,000 shares at the bid (in red). The chart would show total volume at 11,000 shares (say in blue - like a background), followed by 10,000 shares (in red), followed by the small number of 1000 shares in green for the ask. This would clearly show sellers were more predominant than buyers.


    3. Is the code available (i.e. open) to be able to play with it myself once I upload the DLL files?




    Dan - danird2000@yahoo.com

  12. Hlm


    They now have futures information. Futures Check it out.
  13. In the iTunes application click on "iTunes Store" on the left side. ...then on the right side click "Redeem" under "Quick Links". I used the second one on the list.
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