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  1. I'm wondering if anyone trading ES futures does their own taxes. This is the first year that I have traded live and was wondering about taxes. I have not ruled out going to a tax professional, however, before I do I would like to see what others have done. I think I understand 1256 contracts and the 60/40 rule, but I am not sure if things like mark to market and wash sales, etc. apply. I never hold a position over night. The rest of my taxes are not complicated...I'm just not sure how to handle the future trading part...Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Armand.
  2. Would someone please explain what this means? I'm not quite sure I understand and it seems very important...
  3. Can someone tell me where to set the values for the bands in NinjaTrader and what to set them to? Thanks...Armand
  4. I am trying to install this in NinjaTrader. So far I am extracting the zip file into the: My Documents\NinjaTrader 6\bin\Custom\Indicator folder. Then I go into the control center and click on Tool> Edit NinjaScript > Indicator. I can select and have the code open up. Then I hit an f5 to compile and have it added as an indicator. My problem is I still can't get this to display (VMARainbow, fantail, etc.). Would someone please let me know what I'm doing wrong. Do I need to add all the indicators that are in this zip file. Some have "@ signs" and some don't. Does that matter? I know i'm close...just not quite there.. Thanks...Armand
  5. Can anyone enter the tradestation forums or do you have to be a tradestation subscriber? I don't see a way to register (but I am not a tradestation subscriber). Thanks, Armand
  6. Hi Infinity_Tom, Do you know if there is some minimum number of trades that are required to avoid an inactivity fee. If so, what number of trades would that be. Thanks, Armand
  7. Hi Disco Scottie, Does Infinity require some minimum number of trades before some kind of fees kick in? Also, how much is a round trip ES contract? Thanks, Armand
  8. Hi Hlm, Thanks for your post about Infinity. I noticed that they charge a $35.00 per month charge for inactivity. Do they require some minimum level of trades before some other fees kick in? Or is it $26 per month plus commissions only? Thanks, Armand
  9. Thanks Walter...another great video. This counter trend trade using BOP on ES looks very promising. Which version of the rainbow on MT4 did you use? I would like to track some ES trades using these indicators...10 ticks a day seems very doable. Enjoy your well deserved time off...Armand
  10. Walter, awesome, awesome videos. The more charts and videos the clearer things get. Thanks for all the time you put into sharing this with us. Armand
  11. Thanks Walter..that video really cleared up the BOP...great job! I want to add this indicator. Does the BOP only need the setting of 14? Thanks...Armand
  12. Thank you, Walter...once again the video is very helpful...Armand
  13. Walter...are you looking for the cross of the green and black lines right after they pass above or below the magenta? Or is it after any vmar icon? Or both? thanks...Armand
  14. Great videos Walter...very helpful. Thanks...Armand
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