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    been trading all the while....
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    memories of having usd 10 millions exposure......and holding position
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    travelling mostly now.....world is so beautiful

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  1. these are all wonderful traders sharing. may all of you be bless with abundance of love, health and money. being grateful with pocketed profit always - feel bless. print out the charts helps and fine tune stop-loss and profit taking. you see your profit taking signals and out you go. live your trading plan and be happy then you live longer as trader What exactly is your psychology? In short, your psychology refers to your emotional responses to a given situation…In trading, fear, greed, vanity, pride, hope, jealousy, denial - all these can affect investment decisions. Although your aim in the market is to maximize your profit and minimize your risk, emotions often make this easier said than done. For example, traders who react emotionally, make the wrong decision – such as the common mistake of holding a losing position in the belief that someday it will become a winner. This classic mistake is called loss aversion. Loss aversion refers to the tendency for people to strongly prefer avoiding losses than acquiring gains. Some studies suggest that losses are as much as twice as psychologically powerful than gains. Loss aversion compels most traders to hold a losing stock while it plummets downward. This clouded judgment clearly contradicts the trading adage “cut your losses.” These investors also engage in other forms of irrational behavior, like attributing success to skill, and losses to bad luck. Worst of all, this is just the tip of the iceberg when talking about the other devastating effects of trading using your emotions.
  2. thanks so much blowfish. are you trading forex. hope youenjoy the eur, gbp and jpy versus usd today. be bless always
  3. seems that with plain english, some still do not understand. Am I too bad with my sentences structure ? kindly help coz all I want is to share knowledge, the more we share, the more we receive in return. in this world, there are believers and disbelievers. normally small thinkers( small brain people group together, so please big thinkers hang around minded alike.
  4. de beers diamond never shouted in public saying," I am a diamond, please buy me. ONLY THOSE WHO SEEK BEAUTY WILL BE BESTOWED WITH BEAUTY IN THEIR MINDS AND PHYSICAL BEING
  5. anna-maria. if you notice of my apology for my english, hope you can explain what you are saying. hopefully I understand you correctly
  6. as mentioned I hope to publish my trading decision for 20 days or 100% profit, whichever is earlier than I stop. meaning lets say I hit 100% profit before the 20 trading days is up so I stop publishing my trades decision. I do hope you are able to understand my writing because my english not really good.
  7. dear cowpip and tess. may you be bless always kindly read the details of my offer. I never ask to be paid until and unless others benefit from it but even then maybe no one will claim they benefit, isn't ? Thre isno way I can track that. Truthfully I am very okay with that. As for this thread topic. My humble opinion is to work from longer time frame, say monthly chart and work backwards to the shortest time frame that you use for your trade time frame entry. Since you update monthly early of the month, then keep track of it, follow by weekly. Keep it simple always. Build your technical indicators perimeters and never follow the popular perimeter in order to be indifferent.( as the saying goes only 5 to 20% of traders making money - decide to be in the smaller bracket of successful and winning trader) Sledge, may you be bless always and being guided. Take your own route, everyone listening to different drum
  8. My apology. Please moderator advise me as to where should I post my comments in regars to market view and opinion. Hopefully I do not offend anyone here and if it does please do accept my sincere apology. True trader makes a good decision. Thanks so much in advance.
  9. re: fees charge what quality do we get for usd49.99 lesson ? if you pay peanuts, you will get monkeys ! if too expensive it will keep people away. Life being wonderful and beautiful as always so let make it simple. will share my trade decisions and any profit above 10% nett per month, those benefit from it honestly bank in my portion as you feel worth it distributing it. anything less than 10% nett profit, you keep it. or lets raise it a bit higher say 20% nett profit a month. I dont know im just toying the ideas here so that everybody will be happy and hopefully the happy vibes transmit and transfer and touch many others. LIFE IS SO BEAUTIFUL........... be bless always
  10. well actually I do really intend of helping or to put it nicely, sharing my experiences and market view hopefully someone out there will benefit out of it. lately I do find time browsing or surfing the internet and found that there are so many adverts and promotion to trade spot fx and the charges sometime just do not make sense. it can be so low as usd 49.99 and can reach usd15000 ! to me simply, if these promoters are so good as claimt, they should publish their trading opinion live and strike a deal - an open deal. Im thinking of, just talking aloud but still far from it(depend on my son agreeing to write), maybe what I will do is offer my trading decisions then if it makes money all those traders that benefit from my trades decision will bank in say anything above 10% nett profit into my bank account. What say you ? of course some will not pay but its okay with me. then if all going okay I will carry on or else I will stop publish my trade decisions. It can be as simple as that. I do believe, there are so many good people and happy traders out there who will show their gratitude and eventually bank in the agreed portion into my bank account.
  11. will try to convince my son my second to write and share my market thought so as it will others make good money and dispel negative things about forex trading........hopefully he will free his time and agree helping other traders. action speaks so much louder. it is best I leave my mark here at traders lab well maybe for 20 trading days or 100% profit whichever come first then I stop giving my opinion. mine is so simple. I will tell when to short or long in the market but only for spot fx trading
  12. arifwise

    Busy Day Tomorrow

    thanks soooooooo much. may you be bless always. But I ve lost the talking lady just now. really appreciate it if you can kindly resend it. this song is nice too
  13. to be a trader or to be a winning and consistently every day, every month and every year making good money ? please confirm your choice. thats sound easy but it is the first decision you have to make in order to live in abundance.most traders are trading due to outer influence...not from within their heart. Do this first and decide how wealthy you want to be. may you be bless and be a truth seeker every moment.....
  14. hi sledge may you and your beloved being bless always. firstly, please accept my apology for late reply. well actually we jump the gun here. I was thinking of sharing my thoughts and trading experiences disguise as a stupid fx trader. been thinking for a long time to share. now literally Im not trading anymore. its been taken care by my sons. the youngest trader is 14 years old now. he started at 12, drawing manual candle chart since about 9 plus... secondly, Ive to aplogize for my english, comprehension is good but my writing is just okay. been trading daisy(dmk/usd), cally(gbp/usd), sussy(chf/usd) and yennie(usd/jpy) way back then before euro exist.( you notice I give ladies's name purposely to shoot my adrenaline). my opinion and own experience tells me that my brain works very creatively when there is a lady around me. I believe due to release of endorphin(spelling ok ?). Ok lets back to your question. Trading gbp/usd since 1988. made famous call here and *call the central bank trading desk to sell off GBP/USD at 2.0095/2.0105 at 3:45am local time(gmt 7:45) as heavy as they can in September,1992 of course they do not listen. they were telling me cally(cable) was heading to 2.0500 and the very next day its all in the papers the central bank of malaysia lost rm16 billions !( usd5 billions). *buy gold at usd283 and target profit at usd900( everyone said I was crazy( have to live with that, Im immune already *buy crude oil somewhere in 1999 at usd13.48 and target profit usd70 and if broken let it go to usd150(hope I am right again) 2 years ago was telling people, bill gates will retire from microsoft coz he s happily trading fx with my colleague's friend being his trading manager(no one believe me as usual, its ok with me).........
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