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  1. What happened? What caused the demise of such a company?
  2. You can try investfly.com. You can investigate and experiment with paper (automated) trading. The trade can be made live in the stockmarket by connecting the brokers, Tradier and Interactive broker. In the automated portfolio, one can set up target profit and loss, so safeguard the investment. In addition, the backtesting can performed for 1 year or 5 years to run automation in past data.
  3. I'm assuming that you or anyone who read this thread is aware of technical indicators and is in a dilemma on which one to start with. I'd suggest beginning with Relative Strength Index. Here's a neat article on how you can combine it with other popular indicators and make the most out of it. https://www.investfly.com/social/how-to-trade-with-relative-strength-index-rsi/
  4. If anyone stumbles upon the question in 2017, then Quantopian seems to be one option if you are into coding. But if you want to omit the hassle of coding, then Investfly is the best cloud based automated trading platform out there. BTW Quantopian removed live trading feature, so for live trading you should consider Investfly.
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