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  1. P&F Automated Trading Strategies, Price Action Trading We believe that one size does not fit all, each of our strategies are custom tailored for the product it trades. Our strategies do not rely on lagging or widely used indicators to generated trades. Trades executed by our strategies are based off of price and proprietary high probability patterns. Strategies available for Nasdaq Crude Oil Natural Gas [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FpBN_PuWYdM]Trading Natural Gas Futures During EIA Release +$3000 Profit - YouTube[/ame] ATS Futures
  2. Couldnt find any indicators, heres the formula The Wikipedia article contains an early set of criteria for the HO: Both New Highs (NH) and New Lows (NL) must exceed 2.2% of total NYSE issues on the same day. The smaller of these must be greater than or equal to 69 (note: the Wikipedia rules used to say 79, which was more than 2.2% of total NYSE issues for most of history). The 10-week MA of the NYSE Comp (NYA) is rising (i.e. market is in an uptrend, which is important since you don't need an omen that a downtrend might be coming if you are already in a downtrend). McClellan Oscillator is negative. NH cannot be more than 2x NL. The criteria that Miekka provided are different from the ones listed in Wikipedia, likely due to refinements that Miekka made: Both NH and NL must exceed 2.8% of the sum of Advances plus Declines (unchanged issues ignored) on the same day. The NYSE Comp (NYA) must be above its value of 50 trading days ago (a conversion from a weekly MA rule to a rule befitting daily data). Once initiated, the signal is valid for 30 trading days, and any additional HO signals during those 30 TD should be ignored. The signal is activated (i.e. go short) whenever the McClellan Oscillator is negative, and deactivated whenever the McClellan Oscillator is positive (within the 30 TD window).
  3. NinjaTrader is free to download. Then just get a IQfeed trial for sim data
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