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  1. Swing trading stocks for beginners starting out with only $500 There are only a few different ways to be a market speculator - which way is best for you? You would either become an intraday trader, a swing trader or position trader. Swing trading is by far the easiest and fastest way for a beginner trader to make money right away in the their new trading business. If you do want to swing trade and only be in a position for 3-5 days or a little longer you will need to have the capital in your account to handle the overnight margin requirement of whatever your chosen instrument is to work in. CAUTION: If you are a new trader and have to use leverage to trade, you just shouldn’t trade. Stay out until you have sufficient capital to go into the market and be able to have a chance to make money. You can also even become a position investor and trader in the beginning and keep positions for a long term time horizon. Most position investors and traders are in a position for months and sometimes years; these are the most successful consistently profitable money making investors and traders in the business. It is this type of investing and trading which over the long term makes the most amount of money. One of the reasons this type of investing and trading is so profitable is because the expenses associated with this type of market action are low and do not add up as quickly as they do with other types of trading. Remember, it takes money to make money and also costs money to make money in the live markets, the more money you spend of fee's, commissions, and settlement costs the less money you have to build your capital account up and also build your wealth. If you would like to be more of an investor or position trader, then you will also need to be well-funded to sustain a draw-down on a position of as much as 50 percent. Should you not have the mental wherewithal to sit through a 50 percent draw-down on any given position in your portfolio, then again I recommend just staying out of the live markets until you have the psychological makeup to do so. I recommend picking one style of investing or trading and becoming an expert at it. Find a few instruments you like and study their price action and work in those exclusively, you do not need to work in every asset class there is, you also do not need to be in the market all the time because cash is also a position. Once you learn your method and have it down pat, have your rule based plan composed and can stick to it you can begin swing trading with as little as $500 to start off. One method that is very easy to learn for beginner swing traders is the End of Day method which only has you looking at charts one time a day a the end of RTH and is the most stress-free and relaxed approach to investing and trading that yields less risk and much more reward potential. Remember, you don’t need a job you need an income, right? End-of-day trading basically allows you to fit in trading around your schedule as a beginner when you are first learning how to trade and as I said, doesn't require a lot of time at your trading station. One thing is absolutely for sure in trading, and that is time equals money, and the longer term your perspective is the more money you will make. EOD trading allows you to be in the market for a longer period of time thus making you more money. End of day trading strategies are focused mainly on using the daily time frame, it’s easy because you only need one chart set up other than a weekly or a monthly for doing MTF analysis. As a beginner it is the easiest fastest method to learn to make real money right away in the live markets doing swing trading as a beginner. If you're getting into this business to make money right away this is how to do it the fastest easiest way. Have a look at the SWING TRADING FOR BEGINNERS COURSE in the suggested reading section if you are a raw beginner with no experience and want to learn how you can get going with only $500 this course tells you how to do that and then some. Just think of it this way you can make back what this course costs in one swing trade, AND THEN SOME! **Important** Share the knowledge you gained in this educational blog article. I would really appreciate if you share it on your social media with fellow beginner traders. Click the “Button” to add/share it to Facebook, post it on Twitter or where ever you are. Thanks a 100 million for your help in sharing these lessons with others. Remember: Trade smart OR JUST DON’T TRADE!
  2. Was another good winner
  3. Was worth +840. I went down -260 in the circle and by the time PA got back to the ONL I was back to even less the trade fee's. The rest all went in my pocket less the trade fee's. Good luck in your trading
  4. What you have said above is commendable Steve. Just one question though. Are trading your own REAL money in the REAL LIVE market or live demo money in the real market. Could you please clarify that. TIA GG
  5. There are about 26 videos of Sammy Seiden various threads here in TL for you to get acquainted with S&D trading. He gives most of the info you need away free in the vids if you know how to read between the lines. Just take screen shot of the slides he uses for review and/or watch the vids repeatedly. He is not the be all and end all however he does seem to know what's up. His company gets VERY VERY bad reviews though so I would be VERY cautious to weather you get involved with him or not. DO your due diligence FOR SURE. Just Google reviews of the company and you would be surprised at what is said. I certainly was. For being such a respected educator and trader I was stunned that he is involved with that company in any way. It sure as hell made me look at him in a different light once I saw those reviews. I question his credibility now for sure. If I was a trader wanting to get involved with those guys I would ask to see real live trading account statement of whom ever was teaching the trading classes for sure. Like I said do your homework!! He is not the only guy that trades that method and I have watched vids and even personally contacted one of the other traders that does. That guy answered the phone number I called personally and took the time to talk to me for about 20 minutes while the market was still going on. I couldn't believe it. Seiden always says "just send me an email". I sent 2 different emails to 2 different email addresses he gives in his vids both got kicked back to my hotmail. Interesting huh... try it and see what happens. Do some math on what the costs of those courses are and you then ask yourself WTF would I even trade for if it was my company. You dig!! 65K for the "master elite" or what ever the freak it's called. GTF outta here!!!! The way I read it in some of those reviews people just get fed up and quit. THAT"S EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT YOU TO DO!! WHY? because it makes room for the next stupid F###. Who needs Bernie Maddoff when you got that going right?? LMAO Put in the time do the work and you will be able to trade on your own. I have 4 years invested and now make my own money everyday. To many people want to take the easy way in. GUESS what? It doesn't exist!! YOU want some to tell you when to push the button? Better make damn sure that person is qualified and consistently profitable everyday in there own personal account before you push any buttons... Just sayin... GG
  6. Follow up here. Yeah the Sam guy is always saying in his vids "email me any time" WHAT A CROCK!!! I sent two different mails to 2 different email addresses given. Both got kicked back. So much for being on the level.
  7. Here is a chart for the oil traders. Good luck in your trading GG
  8. Just do a Google search of online trading academy reviews and your eyes will be opened wide!!!!
  9. Took a few trades today and took out 462.50. Thought maybe you guys might like to see them.
  10. A nice little EOD scalp again today in the ES. I am pretty much resided to the fact I am only going to go for 2 points at a time in there from now on till the volatility comes back. Trading ZS GC AND maybe even CL till such time. Finsihed the day and kept +560 less fee's. Probly around 100-150 perhaps. It was a slew of trades today working on my signal entry on the other charts.
  11. Kept 11.25 points today. Nice. Posted some charts. Had a nice little EOD trade just now. I hope you guys did well today also. GG
  12. Question about that chart Steve. Was that range you showed the 6 arrows on a ES 3 min chart? Not clear on it. TIA @ GOB IRM = In real money. FUBAR = F###ed up beyond account recovery!!!
  13. My mentor turned me on to watching the for the EOD move. They normally are having to rebalance and what not around that time. I have recently have been getting as many points in that 1 EOD move (provided you are there for it and see it) as I have taken out on the whole day. The volatility is just not there in the ES right now so I have started to look at the grains specifically ZS. 2 weeks ago on Friday there were 3 10 point swings in a row and the whole day was like 60 and change. Dunno if/when that's ever coming back to the ES. Mean time I am into this thing to make money and so I have been testing charts in other instruments to see were the volatility is happening and then tweaking my main trading chart accordingly. I'll post some here in the future to show what I have going on. I don't think anyone should trade the way I do however if they can take something from it and then use it in their own way so be it. That 3-4 point range on that chart above might not seem like a lot however if you DO see it and you DO trade it and you are buying the bottom and selling the top and you do it 6 times in one range and your doing it with 10 cars or what ever your MM provides you to do it with I'd say that's a whole different ball game then. Personally I love trading the ranges in the ES because they are so predicable. Not saying it's easy points to get but if you know how to see and trade S/R levels in there then you can take out a hefty sum if you are trading size.
  14. I'd say trading 1 contract is where every trader needs to be when coming up on sim. Matter of factly you should make the balance of the the sim account what you plan to trade IRM. You should also set the sim account to take off fee's and commissions automatically then you will really know if what your doing is realistic OR NOT. Trading size is earned not to mention knowing your instrument(s) inside and out. I just got a "talking to" from my mentor because I was in a trade on Thursday and took a huge spike up in what I was trading. The spike was a reaction event due to some release I had not known about before I went into the position. My bad on that. I already had 4 points of equity locked into that trade and ended up taking out15 however it could have been the other way around and I could have gotten FUBAR.(F###ed up beyond account recovery). If your system/method doesn't have positive expectancy then get a new system/method. It is that simple otherwise you mine as well write your check to your broker for the full amount of your account and save yourself the pain of all those cuts. If you are trading any other way but the way you will be trading IRM then you better check yourself before you wreck yourself. I have been at it since February and just now consistently profitable everyday to the point where I feel I can go in there live and trade IRM and get something done. Steve did you trade those 6 arrows in the 10 minute chart above? That's a nice range and I hope you made a boat load in it. I apologize in advance for the above rant. Did not mean to have that happen. GG
  15. Today's trade was an entry on the pull back to the 20EMA on the daily chart.
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