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  1. Hi Akm,


    I am interested in your XLT stuffs.

    How to contact you, i am in china.

    will you mind drop me a mail





  2. Hello AKM,


    i am interested in your forex XLT by Sam Seiden.

  3. AKM


    Sorry for the late replay. I wasn't here for a while. I have forex XLT (112 sessions - 16DVDS) - $200 and Futures XLT (48 sessions - 2DVD better converted) - $200 or $300 for all.

  4. Barney

    Hi I have Forex XLT if you are interested.

  5. mrgani


    I am interested in your XLT offer.


  6. Any other opinions? Seiden's Strategy Works perfect for position, but NOT good for day trade (at least for me).
  7. About so called coaches I wouldn't spend a dime, no matter what they promised. If you know how to trade - you will make money trading, if you know just theory you will make money teaching.
  8. I stopped doing futures, too much volatility for a few minutes of trading, gone crazy doing that. I am doing Forex swing/position trading based on Sam Seiden S/D based on days. Trading is a business for Market makers and hobby for wealthy peps. Don't try to make living out of it, just IMHO. Keep it as a hobby for extra cash, may be some day.... p.s. If someone needs futures or forex xlt's, I can share them for the fraction of the cost.
  9. I believe Sam Seiden teaches at OTA. Sam advertising XLT everywhere even at free webinars at fxstreet. But actually he doesn't present in most XLT classes. I have XLTs with Sam for trade if someone need it.
  10. I was expecting to hear your experience with OTA ) OTA strategy is trading beginning of the trend in key reversal points which is counter trend. But in most cases this doesn't work. I applied their strategy, but my strategy to trade with the trend, until trend reverse!
  11. Hello, I would like to conduct online survey among those who took OTA classes. Are you able to make a living or you are just learning. Do you think OTA education scam and delusion or are they for real?! I took Forex, Equites and Futures classes 2 years ago and did retakes also. Now I'm in XLT program for Forex and Futures. I'm trading according to their strategy but haven't achieved expected results. I would appreciate any comments. Thank you for your honest answers, Michael
  12. What happen to Baidu, Inc? Stock was about $700+ and now its $73. It didn't drop that much. Am I missing something. Google doesn't have any info.
  13. If I would know the answer why would I ask? If I offended you in any way I apologize. I was expecting to receive answers yes or no, not a joking. I thought this is related to forex, if its not just delete the post.
  14. Internet research gave 2 results regarding this seller. investors-dvd.com created in 2009 cowabonga.com created in 2000 No good or bad reviews anywhere ...
  15. obviously what seller is doing is not really legal. XLT sessions are not iphone from china with western union payment. Credit card transactions are protected in some way. That's why I am asking if someone bought recorded XLT sessions from him or from another legitimate source. any feedback on that ?
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