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  1. now i've attached a screenshot.. it seems like there is alot of lag in this indicator.. my other question is what isthe difference between the pbfsqueeze bbsqueeze and countertrend and how is it read? and how would one suggest to adjust the parameters to reduce noise..
  2. i'm working on it i reconfigured my computer to make it faster with solid state drives so i'm loading all my stuff back on it.. i tried using print screen but i didn't have photoshop on thecomputer or anything to edit it. it just seems like i'm getting a ton of noise on the idicator.. that or i'm reading it wrong.. i'll show you a screen shot with captions to explain my questions thanks Carey
  3. i'm a little confused about what the difference is.. i would like to adjust the settings a little as well.. they seem to produce alot of noise.. anyone with experience with these can help?
  4. they are actually all quite different.. one on the psychology "Inside the Investors Brain" One that encompasses most all technical indicators "technical Analysis of Financial Markets" A all time Great famous Traders life "Reminiscence of a Stock Operator" etc.. Reading and relating.. I read as a matter of practice.. One of my favorite things to read, is the Magazine Stocks And Commodities.. Traders.com
  5. Inside the Investors Brain.... New Stock Market Wizards.. depends on what you trade but even if you don't trade options options market making i've read alot of George Soros books.. not much have to do with actual methodologies though Gotta read Jesse Laurenston Livermoore Reminiscence of a Stock Operator Nassim Taleb books! John Murphy .. his bible on Technical Analysis Technical Analysis of Financial markets. those are a few i've read
  6. funny! my thoughts are.. Any super successful trader wouldn't see the point in putting up fancy websites to attract sucker betters they are already getting all their money in trading!
  7. i have to say your admissions are brilliant.. There is a saying in another set of rooms that i have been a part of for 16 years.. You have to be willing to go to any lengths.. The funny thing is every great trader "known" trader has leaked their style just in their personality! Who are you is the question you should be asking! I am a 34 year old guy who generally is very happy, fights depressive and anxiety disorder, been sober for 16 years, and never buying the hype.. My first lesson in hype was buying a bag of seeds and stems! my second was figuring out how to pass the lies on! The first lie you tell yourself is that its ok to lie! ANY GUY CALLING ME telling me he has traded for 25 years and wants me to join his trading rooms on a trial can kick rocks! I love trading ! i officially started last summer even though i've watched it and been curious about it for years. The first thing i did was lose 6 grand buying call options near term.. The second thing i did was create of list of books from searching Google.. like anything in life.. enjoy the process focus on it, and success will be secondary.. READ READ READ.. most recent book i read i love it.. "Inside the Investors Brain" , loved "New Market Wizards" "Options Market Making" oh by the way.. i've made that 6 grand back plus.. if anything has been stamped into my head its been.. position sizing, DONT MARTINGALE, learn about gamblers fallacies, never put yourself at a risk of complete ruin, I don't believe in paper trading except in to get used to a new console or trading platform.. All paper trading will do is give you false confidence. Use a smaller then normal contract to trade if your scared.. Treat yourself like an investment vehicle.. if you start losing use less and less money to trade. I love it when people are Honest and talk about how they blew up their accounts! keep speaking the truth!
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