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  1. Thank you Db, Always great to read your knowledge and experience. I purchased the your first book 4 years ago and need to read and understand the SLA theory. Will the book teach me all I need to know about SLA? Well, as much as possible. Thank you, .
  2. Thank you Db for your efforts and willingness to help. I am one of those souls. I am still reading SLA/AMT for now, but I shall have questions soon Thank you
  3. Hello DbPhoenix, Where can I locate the recently edition of the SLA/AMT and Appendix F? Thank you so much for your efforts. See this stickie. The various drafts of the SLA are floating around. There is a fee, however, for the finished product. But if you are interested only in Appendix F, I'll send you a copy upon request.
  4. Just wanted to stop here and say Thank you. Thank you for helping me about 1.5 years ago when these forums was really active at TL. I learned so much about simplicity, trading journal. I took some time off ES to focus on another job. But back for and still keeping up with my journal and developing my own trading plan. Still trading paper. That's right. Two years and still trading paper. I'm still learning and having fun.
  5. Hello Steve, You may not remember me, but you personally helped me with my ES trading about 1.6 years ago when I was actively trading the ES. I learned alot, but never got a chance to perfect a system for myself. I basically made lunch money. I took some time away to finish up my engineering license and now I am back in the lab. Keep up your good work please for the small struggling traders out here. Also please update on the next class. Thank you kindly. Keep up the good work please.
  6. Hello


    Hope you are doing well. I wanted to advise you that I am going to hold an open house in the next few days where folks can watch me prepare and trade I will be using "Go to meeting" software

    If you are interested you may want to review today's post in the thread "Steve's simple system for retail traders", where I outline the way that I prepare for each day;'s open.


    Best Regards


  7. For me, I trade the ES. I bring to breakeven, once price moves 3 points in my favor.
  8. It really depends on what makes you comfortable. I been watching price action of the ES for nearly 1.3 years. And I have notice that each week a good opportunity arises for big points (5-10 pts). Usually support and resistance trading is easier for me. However, daily I look for a good trade. I think risk vs reward means alot. I'm not sure if I am making sense here. It depends on the instrument too. I know for ES, it requires patience and you have to wait if trading one contract. Also, trading one contract is tuff work man. I am using two contracts and it does help for patience.
  9. Hello DbPhoneix. Its been awhile since we talked. I am still in ES trading (learning, making mistakes, modifying plan, etc.) There was thread I read about trading Box price action. Can you point me to that tread? My brain went dead lock on ES price action dismorning. I wasn't sure rather to short the top of trading or break below trading range, so I want to read on that subject. But now that I think of it, shorting bottom of range after breakout is the less risk. Thank you,
  10. Working full time a job = guaranteed money Trading = maybe you win maybe you don't I will never leave my full time job or trade futures again while working. Not worth the stress or money.
  11. Thanks Steve, I have been following rules so far and last week was my first good week, where I got 16 points. Of course I am still paper trading.
  12. Have a good day off Steve. Your daily work is appreciated. I been missing last week due to working late myself. But Friday, I got 4pts of the down spiral. The two days before that was pretty tuff. However, there is always this week:cool:
  13. Yes, got out at 47. hahah I was looking at 45 cause your chart showed resistance there. I went long, cause pre-market support was at 42 for a long time. So, I waited til market open and at first sign of push higher, i went long. 43 is the entry i got. The long was in hopes of 45 not holding.
  14. THank for the chart. I am long 1443, so i hope market takes out this 1445 area.
  15. Thanks for the example Steve, I having been using the 3 min chart and having good success with it. I also like the test and retest entry method. This works well for me. I also, us the 2 point stop method and bring to break-even once 3 points in the money, then wait for the target to be met. Patience this last week has really help me. I still struggle with less patience, but working on it. Thanks for sharing.
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