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  1. Williamfx65, sorry I dint quite grasp it btw, what happened exactly? When did the leverage increase happened?
  2. I totally agree with the above comment !! The best in terms of profitability and user's experience platform remains to be zulutrade! Far away !! I am making returns for the past two years with it and am totally satisfied.
  3. hello all, i did a big mystake, closed my trades with kama-spot when they were of about 60 pips and lost as today they totally turned around...duhhh im so stupid should have waited....reallly who else to follow any good suggestion?
  4. hello all :rofl: hows your trading going on? Happy with those pips going in?
  5. hello all, long time have I not visited the forums and my zulutrade account for that matter ,,, had left it on autotrade for so many months...with limited risk ...guys to tell you the truth the system's quite amazing - earned me +1950 pips!!! :2c: so what's new? the website....indeed...how is this zuluguard actually working?
  6. how about these days? who are you following now?
  7. my broker is aaafx..low slippage, low spreads and totally fast exacution EU regulated as well :cool:
  8. so guys, any new cash :2c: worth to follow? :helloooo:
  9. dammmmn mate really good results!! how did you manage them? what SPs are you following and why I cant do the same :helloooo:
  10. dude, how did you manage it?! I am trying so much and the most i get is some lousy (compared to you) 200/300 bucks most.....:doh: seriously congrats.:)
  11. I forgot to reply before, you can check as well zulutrade - the trading history can be excel exported.
  12. I am :haha: but I am my own account manager - meaning I choose who to follow and how much lots and open trades to follow with. :rofl:
  13. very cool info thank!!! I am interested in this weekly review, would be of great help, where is it?
  14. well if you've got a good ranking system - you go by the top 5 or 10. but overall is ROI %, dd%, open trades, monthly PnL, followers, time trading, you know stuff like this indicates profitability.
  15. who's your broker? it would be nice if we get more information...
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