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  6. AUDCAD REACTING HIGHER FROM SUPPORT AUDCAD, Weekly The pair has over the past two to three weeks been testing a support area between 0.9402 and 0.9482. This test was successful and the last week’s hammer candle now points to higher prices. Moves below the 1.5 stdv Bollinger Band were rejected by the market and we there has been no close below this band since December 2014. This suggests...read the full analysis here: AUDCAD Reacting Higher From Support | HotForex Analysis
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  9. COFFEE FUTURES REACTING LOWER FROM RESISTANCE Coffee, Weekly The last time I wrote about market moves in coffee the coffee futures were trading at 152.65 and based on the price action I suggested price should move lower and gave $145 and $125 as my downside targets. Since then target one was hit and price has moved as low as $128.80, close to the target II at $125. The first level was penetrated without any effort but then it turned into a resistance that has kept price capped for almost two months. Price of coffee found support at 161.8% Fibonacci extension level just above my target II at $125 and had a close outside the lower Bollinger Bands. Since then we’ve seen this market moving sideways inside the Bollinger Bands with roughly equal highs at $147. Price has made higher lows suggesting pressure is building against this resistance level. Read full analysis here: Coffee Futures Reacting Lower From Resistance | HotForex Analysis
  10. HOW TO FIND HIGH PROBABILITY TRADES? In my analysis from April 15th I wrote: We could see Gold retesting the resistance levels at 1198 and 1208. The latter coincides with the upper Bollinger Bands and should price rally there we’d be looking for momentum reversal signals close to it. As we now know, Gold turned at the resistance and provided us with a great shorting opportunity! Join me in today’s Live Analysis Webinar and learn how to identify similar opportunities over the coming few days. I will teach you how to analyse the markets successfully and how to read price action when entering and exiting your trades. Twice a month we gather together to a Live Analysis Webinar to study the markets and recent price action. In these sessions I share my thoughts and analysis on currency pairs and teach our traders to understand what is important when looking for high probability trade setups. This is a great opportunity to watch and learn from what I share and get your questions answered. We’ve had excellent feed back from our traders on these sessions. I am convinced that you will benefit greatly by investing an hour of your time with the rest of us. Please, follow the link below and book your seat. You are warmly welcome to join me to a Live Analysis Webinar at 1 pm GMT. Book your seat! The seats are limited so sign up now and log in early. Janne Muta Chief Market Analyst HotForex
  11. DXY IS GETTING CLOSE TO SUPPORT HotForex Analysis: DXY Is Getting Close To Support | HotForex Analysis DXY, Weekly US Dollar Index (DXY) represents a basket of currencies in which the US dollar is valued. These include major currencies with different weights: EUR (57.6%), JPY (13.6%), GBP (11.9%), CAD (9.1%), SEK (4.2%) and CHF (3.6%). With euro having the highest weighting analysis made on DXY will have the greatest indication for EURUSD trading. Since March this year momentum indicators have been moving lower reflecting the fact that price has not been making new higher highs anymore. Until recently Stochastics and RSI have been moving above the overbought threshold but now are pointing lower and have moved closer to neutral values. In a price chart that means the latest price action is taking closer to the middle of the recent range. DXY has been correcting lower this week and is now close to the 50% Fibonacci retracement level. This ties up with the indication from the oscillators. Price is also approaching an accelerated trendline support but has created a lower high which suggests that price could be moving sideways over the coming weeks. DXY, Daily Both Stochastics and RSI are close to oversold levels with the latter attempting to tick higher at the time of writing. Price has reached a pivot candle from April 6th and is fairly close to a rising trendline support. This suggests that the downside is getting limited and we should be looking for buy signals for the dollar at levels at or below the current price. Nearest support and resistance levels are 97.46 and 99.46 which also coincides with the upper Bollinger Bands. Should the 97.46 support not hold the DXY the next important support level can be identified in the 4h chart at 97. The 50 day MA is currently in the region as well with a value of 97.08. This increases the validity of the level. DXY, 240 As DXY has been trending down over the last three days there has also been some wedging in the price. This suggests that there is some resistance for dollar moving lower, especially since price came to the low of 98.07 yesterday. At the moment the 61.8% Fibonacci resistance level has been acting as a resistance for rallies today. Price is moving closer to 97.46 support level which it has already almost touched once and bounced higher. Stochastics, RSI and MFI are oversold which supports the view that this market is near to buy levels. If the 97.46 doesn’t hold then the next support level at 97 should come into play but I am interested in price action based buy signals even between the levels. Conclusion In the longer term picture it is clear that the Fed speak turning dovish in March has taken steam out of the DXY rally and the index has been moving sideways. Price has created a lower high which suggests weakness and that DXY could be moving sideways over the coming weeks. But in a shorter term picture DXY is close to support levels and we should therefore be looking for buy signals the dollar. This obviously means looking for sell signals in markets like AUDUSD (close to a resistance), NZDUSD (also at resistance). At the same time USDJPY is at support. Should the price action confirm my analysis this could be a time to favour USD over other currencies. Later on today we will have the CPI numbers from US and this could cause some action should there be a strong deviation from analysis expectations. You will find today’s economic calendar with the highest impacting events only. Please visit HotForex.com for full calendar. Janne Muta Chief Market Analyst HotForex Disclaimer: Nothing in this communication contains, or should be considered as containing, an investment advice or an investment recommendation or a solicitation for the purpose of purchase or sale of any financial instrument.
  12. CRUDE LOOKS LIKE IT MIGHT BE BOTTOMING Crude oil and Inverted DXY, Daily In my analysis from February 5th I suggested that the crude oil could be close to levels it might bottom out. At the time I wrote: The price of oil has collapsed with the strengthening dollar and has reached levels that were last seen in the later stages of the financial crisis in 2008. This suggests that the current levels are deeply oversold both fundamentally and technically. The world economy is certainly slowing down but it is in a better shape than it was in the first quarter of 2009 when the US crude oil futures dropped to $33.35. *Therefore, it makes sense to expect crude oil to be relatively close to the levels it could find a bottom. Now it does look like crude oil is indeed bottoming. Since January price has moved sideways and even shown some relative strength against the USD. As crude is priced in the US dollars any up moves in the US Dollar Index (DXY) should mean the price of oil goes down. However, since the end of January DXY has move higher while crude has moved sideways and has therefore showed some relative strength. As can be seen from the above chart with crude oil in black and inverted DXY in blue the strength of crude was really taken to new levels at the midway of March. Together with the fact that the crude oil has been trading levels close to the 2009 low suggests to me that we are witnessing bottoming action in the price of crude. Crude oil, Weekly Since forming a hammer candle in March the price of crude oil has been trending higher and making consecutive higher closes. Now price has moved well beyond the 53.60 resistance level. This confirms the bullishness and suggests that the price has bottomed. After such a long sideways move and relative strength against the DXY it is now more likely that price will find buyers if it retraces back to the support levels. Now that the Stochastics is indicating crude is getting overbought the next challenge for buyers is likely to be around the 23.6% Fibonacci level and the upper Bollinger Bands that are nearby. The most important support levels are at 53.60 and 46.53. Crude oil, Daily Price is trending higher in a channel and has with yesterday’s rally moved outside the upper Bollinger Bands. This suggests that the market is getting overbought in the short term. Stochastics are in the overbought territory supporting the indication from Bollinger Bands. Also, price is getting close to the channel top. The support at 53.60 looks like a logical retracement level and it coincides roughly with 23.6% Fibonacci level. I have not drawn the Fibs on the chart to maintain a better readability. Should the 53.60 support fail to hold, the next potential support level is at 50.25. Crude oil, 240 min Price has reacted with a shooting star candle and is now inside the upper Bollinger Bands. This suggests the corrective could be already underway. Stochastics support the idea as they are overbought and pointing lower. Conclusion Long term picture is bullish with the price of oil showing clear signs of market bottoming. In medium term, ie the daily trend crude is bound to move higher but might retrace first. The intraday picture is overbought and therefore bearish. I look for correction lower intraday and then keep an eye on 53.60 support region for buy signals. Janne Muta Chief Market Analyst HotForex Disclaimer: Nothing in this communication contains, or should be considered as containing, an investment advice or an investment recommendation or a solicitation for the purpose of purchase or sale of any financial instrument.
  13. Weekly chart: Gold’s likely to move lower Gold, Weekly In my latest Gold analysis from March 18th I wrote: These levels are exactly the levels that attracted buyers in Q4 2014 which suggests that there might still be some demand for Gold just below the current price. However, the psychology might have changed since December last year. Strong growth in the US labour market we have seen since then coupled with the rate hike expectations could lead to Gold breaking the support this time around. I am not taking a view that it will happen as support is support as long as it works. A close above yesterday’s high at 1159.30 would be a positive signal while a close above the 1165.70 resistance in would improve it even further. This would warrant buying intraday dips after over the coming few days with a target at 1190. Now we’ve seen Gold closing moving higher from the support level and hitting my target at 1190. In addition, this market has moved beyond the target and turned lower at 1224.50 resistance. At the same time Gold created a bar with a narrow range between the open and closing prices hinting a move lower. This has since then materialised and Gold has moved lower this week. This is suggesting further moves lower in the coming two weeks or so. The next important weekly support is likely to be found near the lower weekly Bollinger Bands and 1131.50 to 1142 range. Long term picture is still bearish while in the medium term I expect Gold to move sideways between the above mentioned support and resistance levels. Gold, Daily In the daily picture Gold is trading close to the 50% Fibonacci level and the Stochastics are getting close to the oversold levels. This suggests that the move lower over the last few days could slow down a bit. Yesterday we saw a rally from the 50% Fibonacci level but.. Read the full analysis here: Weekly chart: Gold?s likely to move lower | HotForex Analysis Janne Muta Chief Market Analyst HotForex Disclaimer: Nothing in this communication contains, or should be considered as containing, an investment advice or an investment recommendation or a solicitation for the purpose of purchase or sale of any financial instrument.
  14. GBPNZD Ranging Above Support The pair has just recently moved higher from weekly support level 1.9379 while another one supported price at 1.9244 sent price higher in the beginning of January. For the last three to four weeks price has been bouncing between this support and a resistance created by a weekly low (at 2.000) from December last year. Stochastics is oversold and price action takes place near lower Bollinger Bands suggesting the pair should have more upside than downside potential. On the bearish side however I should mention the fact that the pair creates lower weekly highs suggesting selling pressure coming in at fairly close to the support. This is not a very bullish sign and could lead to further consolidation at support or eventually price breaking lower. GBPNZD, Daily Price is reacting lower from a resistance at 1.9700. This resistance is created by a daily pivot candle from April 7th and coincides with a 50% Fibonacci level at 1.9691. Stochastics are pointing higher and the RSI has created a higher low while the latest low at 1.9380 was roughly equal to the low from March this year. This bullish divergence supports the upside bias but the price needs to break above the current resistance in order to create a higher high. Should the pair keep on making lower pivotal highs the pressure against the support would increase and the support could break. It is therefore essential to follow the price action over the coming days. GBPNZD, 240 min The four hour picture shows... Follow the link to read the analysis GBPNZD Ranging Above Support | HotForex Analysis Janne Muta Chief Market Analyst HotForex Disclaimer: Nothing in this communication contains, or should be considered as containing, an investment advice or an investment recommendation or a solicitation for the purpose of purchase or sale of any financial instrument.
  15. FREE Forex Webinar | Emotion Control in FX - April 8, 2015 1:00pm GMT The brain chemistry behind emotions when trading FX. - The Brain Chemistry Behind Trading FX - Recommended Risk Management & Emotion Control Tips - Currency Trading Dangers[/li] Register here: https://www.hotforex.com/en/landing-pages/webinar-market.html?id=113
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