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  1. Very nice logic. I will try to implement this logic....!!!
  2. Very useful post.....learning a lot...Thanks for posting such a nice and article.
  3. Nice tips, but why are we imphasing timing rather than indicators? Whatever the timing is, we need to watch our TS and indicators carefully for our trading.....isn't it?
  4. That sounds good Dalai, would you mind to share the code here? or email: rashedbgd@yahoo.com
  5. Does anyone have an AFL for Amibroker which can measure EW? If yes, plz share the code.
  6. Very useful. It could make better understanding if the candle pattern picture was with each kind of candle pattern.
  7. What about this one, is there any probability to reverse and start uptrend?
  8. Will it work with Amibroker for EOD data?
  9. Excellent comment, it is very useful for me.
  10. Very nice and useful article ! Thanks a lot for sharing such type of useful writings.
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