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  1. Hey there, are you still trading on zulutrade? Hope so. How it is going on? Winning like the reat of us..
  2. garvin, totally agree with you! Who are you following on zulutrade? Anybody worth mentioning to share with a fellow trader here ?
  3. Hello ankita, what is the reason//s for that opinion? Have you even traded with zulutrade? I hope so, eventually, you will end up changing your mind!
  4. And along with that, they just introduced the trailing stops as well - now followers are even more protected. :rofl:
  5. Well are you mister know-it-all. Regardless, what's your point into users profitability? Which it pretty high with zulutrade. Have you tried the platform, I do you have a live account? or you are simply bouncing back and forth comments?
  6. Well, it is not exactly a blackbox, you have all the trading history with the traders so you can based your decision to follow or not, based on the executed trades.You can also backtest their performance and simulate what is there to come. I dunno about other auto-copy platforms, but at least these are how trading works on zulutrade.
  7. yeah they look similar, but are you sure you will be making good returns? At least with zulutrade we know that transactions are secured (as it is registered) and from the record and the volume of the trading - people are actually making money
  8. Well people are opt to different type of opinion based on their own trading experience. However this doesn't mean that the the platform is bad, just because you dont know how to manage your own account. It goes without saying that other people could be or most probably are winning.
  9. Well you seem like you are a scalper trader,and zulutrade doesn't not support these type of trading. I would never follow traders like this this is for sure. You are way to risky for my risk management. I would not advise PAMM accounts, they lock your equity for at least 6 month for trading that you dont know how secure or, decent (regulated it is) :doh:
  10. well this depends, I remember a lot of people actually wanted to have the leverage increased! So I guess it actually is up to everybody's risk preferences
  11. Rule #1 one and only on zulutrade is never follow a loosing trader :doh: rule #2 always zuluguard your account - like it or not! Better safe than sorry!
  12. Hey guys, I just got an email, they increased the leverage to 1:500. what do you think of that? I don't really think of increasing the risk...pretty much ok with mine so far.
  13. Oh I've seen now you are having some issues for being an American because they don't accept US clients. I see no reason of attacking me personally, really no point at all. :crap: Anyhow, again, Happy pipping and be nice to people!
  14. I agree with the following, it is among the best (aka the most profitable ) trading platform out there. but you need to test drive in order to form a proper opinion and experience!
  15. I think you are spamming big time, you didnt even answer all my points that I asked you previously. You really thing that you are making any point where you are actually failing!!:doh::doh: qouting: "Right off their website : "AAAFx is regulated in Europe, registration no. 2/540/17.2.2010. Tax Identification Number : 998281207 " Great arguments, you've put there - so I use a nickname, I am suppose to be English speaking..serously??!?!:rofl: It is ridiculous to accuse me of something I am not, you can go back and check all my posts , i think i did put one of live account's results. Again, I see no reason in your obsessive replies, you dont like EU regulations, go ahead and dont trade in Europe. (in case that they even accept your accounts). Seriously, really no point discussing something you are not even able to. Cheers and happy pipping !!!
  16. I never said that English is my native language. Never thought this was a 'crime' :doh: Ok, so, what's that obsession you've got with mifid, and EU regulation? Have you got burned with any other broker? As far as I'm informed, aren't all brokers usually with the same status, or I am wrong?
  17. Oh, I read that post you are referring too...Seems from your tone and the msg, as if you are the same person writing too :haha: Right off their website : "AAAFx is regulated in Europe, registration no. 2/540/17.2.2010. Tax Identification Number : 998281207 " I'have searched it all the way, it is EU regulated by the Hellenic Capital Markets. As for mifid its a regulation, and if it covers or not the financial markets, not really my concern, I positive the other regulators are doing their work. To tell you the truth I've had no problem with the broker or its executions.
  18. You are totally wrong, aaafx is regulated and monitored. It is all here : https://www.aaafx.com/Assets/MiFID.pdf
  19. Last year was very profitable for me on zulutrade.....give or take i managed to make above 4500 usd!! Not bad I would say, not at all.
  20. Hello fellow zulutraders, hows trading going on with you? Happy with it? did you see the new updates? cool, eh? btw, who are you following these days?
  21. Hey eliz, keep in mind i am +250 pips this week with this trader.
  22. i added to my list and Ambush Trader ......i see lots of potential there and i am actually willing to ride the wave. :)
  23. well im usually following the top 5 ....when they change i change them as well. more or less......right now i am following Newwave,fenix7, The good life1, Wall Streat what about you?
  24. Well I see all your very legit answers/reasons to say why you like your broker: Something along the lines of: I like my broker (aaafx) because it has tight spreads, tight executions, for me it is usually good for scalping and it doesn't charge extra commissions on trades.
  25. hello people - last months have been blast for me, returns are pipping like crazy :rofl: i trippled my innitial account already (it was small of course) but still :haha:
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