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  1. In my experience women are far less likely to be attracted to trading. They tend to be more satisfied with what they are given in life and are more likely to be submissive rather than shun authority and try to be individualistic which is usually required to be a trader.
  2. forexfilms

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    We are just monkeys in a lab. That's the problem.
  3. I believe the US Dollar has made a major turning point today. Rather than moving directly to 1.5500 from here the EUR/USD is likely to correct further down the medium term support at the parallel channel. This puts the climb to 1.5500 on hold but does not negate it.
  4. My primary Elliott Wave count on the EUR/USD has now turned temporarily bearish. The drop that started May 4th, 2011 and ended May 23rd, 2011 appears to be corrective but is most likely only the first leg down in a corrective move that will most likely drop the EUR/USD to the 1.3750 area. There is support here from the medium term channel line and support from several areas going back a couple years. This is also where wave C would equal wave A. The timing where the EUR/USD would hit 1.3750 is also close to July 25th when the next EUR/USD rate decision is due. There have been hints of a rate increase that previously drove the EUR/USD higher. If we do get this rate increase it could drive the EUR/USD to reversal. EUR/USD Elliott Wave Analysis | Forex Films
  5. You are correct Lucid but fundamentals have been bad for the entire uptrend. The EUR/USD is trading on technicals right now. I'm short term and long term bearish the EUR/USD but medium term bullish. I could of course be wrong but I believe that the current highest probability wave count points this direction
  6. The bearish count isn't totally out the window yet but I think we finished up a first wave (leading diagonal?) at the highs and we will continue lower. Maybe we'll get a bounce off of industrial production, consumer confidence and pre-fomc craziness before a c wave drop...
  7. After Greek vote it was obvious EUR/USD was going lower but I think it has a lot lower to go than most people. I think we will drop to 1.4290 at the least but more likely closer to 1.4200 area. This view takes the entire move up as one Elliott Wave. My latest video discusses my views on EUR/USD post Greek vote of confidence. Also includes links to article on QE3. Forex Market Outlook Video
  8. I've never really understood being unable to place a trade due to fear of failure or fear of success. Perhaps I just have a more risk taking personality but I have more a problem of putting out too many trades rather than not being able to place one.
  9. My primary Elliott Wave count on the EUR/USD is now the bullish outcome. The final target of this larger uptrend would be between 1.5400 and 1.5500. Short term wave counts put us in the beginning of a 3rd wave higher that should take us to at least the 1.5000 area. If we break 1.3750 this count will be voided. If we break 1.4750 this Elliott Wave count will become even more probable but watch for the turn and the levels previously mentioned to signal the C wave has finally ended. The charts above and below show the likely primary count for the EUR/USD. Parallel trend lines hold support and resistance levels for the medium term. This count is becoming more and more likely as the days pass.
  10. Look out for European Finance Ministers meeting on Greece at 1300 EDT. 1 hour from now!
  11. The loans are to get them time to sell Greek government owned properties and start strict economic reforms in order to be able to pay back the loans. They are also hoping the Greek GDP improves which would help increase tax receipts which would help Greece pay back the loans.
  12. There was huge news coming out of the Euro Zone on Friday. Merkel and Sarkozy appeared together in a press conference saying they were working together on the Greek sovereign debt crisis and they both believe that the Greek debt situation needs to be resolved sooner rather than later. The may sticking point for German agreement was participation of private bond holders. Germany believes private bond holders should be required to rollover their bonds to longer maturities in order to help keep Greek yields down but France, the European Commission and the European Central Bank all opposed this idea. The agreement has been made to allow private bond holders such as pension funds and insurance firms to voluntarily buy more Greek bonds when their Greek bonds mature. This tactic is to avoid rating agencies such as S&P classifying the action as a default. Greek bailout number 2 is also on the table. We have been discussing this possible bailout for weeks now and it has seemed like a sure thing. There was a rumor floating around on Friday that the second Greek bailout that was previously being discussed as an additional 90B Euro loan would be increased to 150B Euros. The first Greek bailout which Greece is still receiving payments from was finalized at 110B Euros. This would make a total of 260B Euros in loans to Greece as the Greek economy slips farther into recession. The recession shows no signs of stopping as Greek workers choose to strike and protest the strict austerity measures forced upon them rather than working and producing.
  13. If you want to hold onto something long term and not use much leverage it might be even better to hold US stocks short.
  14. US Dollars and Japanese Yen are the best currencies to hold long term but if you're interested in trading this changes every few days for traders. For the next few days and probably another month the Euro, Australian Dollar, British Pound will be best to hold.
  15. Just like everything else it takes commitment to do well trading. You can get a job and make a living in any industry without knowing much about the industry you're in but to really succeed you have to stay committed and do research and keep trying. Treat your trading like a business and not like a day job and you will go far.
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