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  1. Ingot the usdjpy did not cross or touch the 21 ema on the rebound , which is one of the rules. So there is no signal bar and no entry according the rules. But supposing it did touch the ema then your entry point would have been around 76,70 The sudden rise in usdjpy was caused by the intervention of the japanese central bank.
  2. Thanks Ingot. The price I use is the pittrading price . So the last bar shows price from yesterday august 3. The momentum shift(StoRsi turns down from 100 % level) is the signal bar. Now the market should pull me in the trade ,meaning the price should surpass the low of the signal bar minus some ticks ( 0.1 of the averagetruerange of last 10bars or someting you prefer), thats the entrylevel. Pittrading in coffee starts at 9.15 NY time , so we wait till then , but we can enter a stoporder(only RTH trading) at a level of about 240. Hope everything is clear and hopefully i didnot make any mistakes here.
  3. Although risk would probably be too high coffee has a signalbar Sell 240 Stop, when filled Stoploss 250 .
  4. Thanks for this great thread concerning Priceaction. Phantom ,do I understand correctly , that I could have entered short Eur on the break of the number 1 bar or is bar 2 a more accurate shooting star(reverse hammer). How many bars do you consider the signalbar valid for entry. See attached 15min EuroFX chart. Once again many thanks
  5. Congrats with the thread as for an oscillator to pinpoint the entry , I suppose that those with a clear OB/OS area Like RSI , StoRSI and Stochastics are easier to deal with then oscillators which have no bounderies.The risk is that with the last ones one can start debating about the right entrytime. following this thread with the utmost interest.
  6. Not reading an answer to my own question would be impolite. Anyway as you stated , it took you 4 years to arrive at the present level. So i guess it will take the same timeperiod before I can post another question. And no i am not frustated.
  7. I did not ask you to do the work (it was already in your DAXchart). As for the sessions . It appears you are using the SOFFEX session time and not the EUREX. I don't know why , nor is it stated anywhere . I have the shifttool for clearing the Gap , so it was only 1 click ,but that wasn't the issue Anyway I hoped to get some guidance on the gaussians , but helas. anyway thanks for your reply
  8. I know already that I did something wrong,otherwise I would not have asked.Since it was the same chart you posted already annotated (Except for the Sessionstart) I could have copied it offcourse.( I don't ask you to do anything ,just asking for some guidance) Why you take the Soffex Session and not the Eurex , is not clear to me nor is it stated anywhere. For the opening Gap ,I have the shift tool coded by Tams and it was a 1 click operation to have it on the chart, I am deeply sorry that i didn't do that. Well I've got the standard answer and thank you for that.
  9. Thanks Saturo It seems that sometimes the Gaussians are drawn from peak to trough on Pricelevels and sometimes on Volumelevel. I suppose this depends on the formation of the pricebar.
  10. Hi everybody I am new to this method and after reading and studying this thread and also a lot on ET forum , I am somewhat stuck on the way to draw gaussians. Gucci I looked over your chart and tried to establish the same on my own. Between bar 10 and 20 I am doing something wrong . Do I mix fractal levels ? if so how do i recognize that. Or am I drawing these gaussians completely wrong . TIA
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