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  1. dual screen SpaceBook laptop with Windows 8 and 3rd Gen Intel Core " gScreen Computer, the makers of the worlds first dual-screen 17-inch the laptop, today announced a new global distribution strategy for it's SpaceBook dual-screen notebook line and it's other new products coming to market in 2013." It does look good I just hope a distributor opens up near here soon GSCREEN FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/gscreenlaptops gScreen dual-screen SpaceBook a 17-inch laptop
  2. Be very aware of BPV's, understand yield curve, check the volumes and RSI, be aware of the relevent spread strategies (even if you don't want to trade spreads other people do). Read the no bs guide to trading pdf until you understand it or get training from a company like GTC who are excel at training for Bond and STIR futures trading. Other than those just watch the ladder until you can see what is happening. Oh and one other thing - probably the most important - check the economic calendar every day, know when every announcement is due and be ready for it.
  3. For discretionary or high frequency futures trading the answer is X_Trader, X_Trader, or X_Trader by Trading Technologies. If you are not doing enough size to warrant the monthly fee then use Velocity as broker; They offer a pay per transaction (i.e. slightly increased commission) method of payment which is ideal for <1500 rt. If you think you need charts or want to develop systems and want a tool for rapid prototyping, data mining, back-testing and running automated strategies etc try NinjaTrader (cheap) and/or CQG(pricey but still only half full X_Trader Pro) or some such to complement X_Study.
  4. Ignore me, watch the video suggested by david 22 it has additional useful information in it
  5. If has been years since you looked there are at least two reasons why it is looking different: The exchange made a change so that instead of reporting the quantities added to the book they report on the fills e.g. if you place 100 @limit bid and the order is filled in 50 lots of 2 contracts you will see 50 prints instead of the 1. Automated splitting of orders is now far more prevalent so someone wanting to buy 1000 contracts may split into random sizes from 1 upwards and so a lot of those will print at at the same time.
  6. Why are people attracted to trading? They look at the pros and the cons but how they look at them depends on what sort of people they are. The same features that are appealing to some people are horrifying to others e.g. PRO's No Boss No Employees No Set Hours No Board Room Politics Potential Income CON's No Boss (You will have to be much tougher at disciplining yourself than any boss) No Employees (No companions = lonely profession) No Set Hours (You will not know when to stop and will work every waking hour if you are not careful) No Board Room Politics (No one to stop you if you ideas are b*11*,[|{5) Potential Income (no guaranteed income and a good chance of losing what you already have) Having looked at the pro's and con's I still think it is the best career choice and even if most people fail that still means some people succeed. It is also quite unusual in that you can scale yourself into making it a full time career and try again after time away rebuilding your account. (@grandwiz I have to disagree with the idea of needing a license to trade your own funds - they are you funds to do with as you see fit including blowing them on bad trading, but each loss teaches a lesson (if you are willing to learn) and the result of those lessons should be better trading) Having been attracted to trading you then still need to take the plunge and actually trade. Again, different people will opt in and opt out when staring at the leap into the unknown. In my opinion it is surely it is better to have tried and failed than to sit back and never attempt anything in case you fail but that is just my opinion and of course there are those that will disagree with me and that is why they will choose different careers - we are very fortunate to live in an age where we have that choice at all.
  7. Bund, Bobl or FESX on Eurex may suit, but only open an hour before London so may not be early enough or you
  8. Do a car boot sale, at least it will get you out in the open air for a bit and give the eyeballs some time off staring at the screen.
  9. To just having the alert you will not even need to code you can just use the wizard although if you really want to code it something like the following should be enough to start you off. private int ticks = 40; // Default No of ticks for length of bar if (Close[1] > (Open[1] + (ticks * TickSize))) { Alert("MyAlert0", Priority.High, " 10 pts up ", "", 300, Color.White, Color.Black); } Adding a diamond may be slightly trickier though..
  10. I would recommend Velocty for futures. Direct access good commission rates and reasonable margin requirements.
  11. "How much math is needed" - How long is a piece of string? I would largely agree with Kiwi above but it is possible to find strategies that utilise as much mathematics as you like and the arithmatic in those strategies can be as complex as you want. Alternatively you can get away with strategies that use no more than basic addition, subtraction and the occasional percentage calculation, In all cases it will be the execution of the strategy that will be the hard part. Discipline trumps maths for trading but mathematics may dominate in portfolio management Cheers, Alistair
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