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  1. Hi i am writing a code in nijatrader when I setup the stop loss I can only have a fixed stop loss price for example 10 ticks. However, what I want my stop loss to be is 2 candles prior low. instead of a fixed stop loss. for example. Ninjatrade enters a Long trade the stop loss should be 2 candles prior low. this way the stop loss can be 5 ticks or 15 ticks. Does anyone know how to write that kind of stop loss code in ninjatrader . thank you for your time
  2. Is it possible just to get one alert ever time a candle is 10 pts big on the 1 hour chart
  3. Hello Everyone, I have no clue how to use Nijascript i hope someone can help me write a little code. Here is what I need ======================================== For the ES MINI If one bar is or equal to 10 pts or biger ON CLOSE on 1 hour chart alert me with sound and put diamond on candle ================================================== =============== can someone please help me with this code.
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