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  1. This sound like exactly what I need; but I am not sure about doing this by hand ...my thread of interest counts about 380 pages ...:crap: Oh great, we could schedule a meeting then, if you find spare time while in Prague!:-)
  2. Call me stupid, but I cannot find any switch filtering the number of posts displayed per page ... :-(
  3. what i this Summary thread and what are its features? Have not heard about anything like that. If you are willing to demonstrate, pick any thread you like where there are posts with attachments .. :-)
  4. ..which does not seem to be the case here ... :-) some forums have a print button, which you can use to print the whole thread into a doc file.
  5. Hello Vienna,


    I just found your post which goes like:



    One more resource (which I found invaluable) is having a mentor... I will not mention his name because I do not know if he likes to be approached etc., but I found to have someone who can help clarify things directly on skype, suggest drills etc. to be a huge help, and I am very grateful that someone gave me his time. Learning this by asking questions on a forum can be a bit like trying to learn Chinese by posting.


    Of course, the actual work has to be done by the student, but it was my mentor e.g who suggested I do the volume drill...


    Good trading,




    ...and I cannot but highly agree with your views; but the question arises - how does one find a mentor here? And e.g. would you be willing to mentor somebody, me for example?:-D You seem to be a true expert in the fields of P/V...

  6. Hello All, if a thread has a couple hundred pages it is not so easy anymore to stay focused all the time, especially when you need to regularly flip back a dozen pages and forth again to find one specific attachment ... I wonder if there is a way to make such a thread into one compact piece like one ( pdf?) file or - even one page would suffice ( including any attachments still visible, but I doubt this one); does anyone have any idea? Mac
  7. BlowFIsh - Win Or Lose It, that was the title, or what was the name and author of the book you referring to, if you'd care to reiterate ...?:-)
  8. As you said frenchfry, neither I need others to tell me what to follow, nor did I ask for any type of such information; I am sorry that my inquiry was too complex for you and lead you into such thinking, but I promise to be more dscriptive next time ...
  9. Corey, seems to me like you do not want to give a straight answer to my straight question ... The rationale behind my requests was that - before I get too excited about a method that looks to me like being based on something more reasonable than mere statistic representations of the past, I wanted to know if anyone was using it to their own tangible profits...and got no positive confirmation as of yet.
  10. Exactly my point. Still, seeing your statements is just one part of the answer; are the results depicted in the statements in any way realted to the methods discussed in this thread? If so, when did you start using it? PM is okay again.:-)
  11. That is what I fear ( and truly hope it is not true); but let us see what corey has in stock ..:-)
  12. As nobody has replied to my latest post, I presume that none here actually uses this method in their own trading and all that happens here is an academic debate over which patterns have been identified by Mr. X and how Mr. Y subsequently accuses Mr. X of pattern blindness.. am I correct?:-)
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