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  1. How does the fact that you own the stock enter into your decision to buy it (or buy more)? Do you think that the stock knows that you own it? Do you think that the stock trades differently because you own it? If I own a stock that is a winner, will that make your more likely to buy it? Or, does that logic only apply to stocks owned by you or your "inner circle"?
  2. It actually has been done. But it is not in the interests of the developers to tell the world about it.
  3. This whole business of entering a position based on whether you already own the stock or not seems a little childish. Does anyone seriously think that the stock knows that you own it? Do you think that a stock's behavior is influenced by whether or not you own it? I certainly don't. There are times when, based on rules I've developed, it makes sense to buy a stock. And, 5 minutes later when the stock is at a lower price, it makes even more sense to buy it.
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