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  1. I analyzed this technique a few years ago just after I had learned simple coding. Unfortunately the very bright idea has absolutely zero edge in practice. Trust me when I say I tried thousands of variations of this theory (automated) and there is simply nothing to be exploited. / McKeen
  2. McKeen

    EURUSD Et Al Trading

    To Dharmik Team: Shame on you for spamming this great man´s thread with your junk!!! Take your astrological nonsense to another forum, it does not belong in this thread and nor on this site!!! Ps. Your post has been reported and I hope you will be banned forever Ds.
  3. McKeen

    EURUSD Et Al Trading

    I´m with you Slick! You are quite a bit above my level but it is very lightening to read up on your thread every week or so. You seem so solid and encouraging, that´s the best way I can describe it... Like I said 10-15 pages back, thanks for your contribution!
  4. McKeen

    EURUSD Et Al Trading

    You know you can´t win a war against a woman and those reality shows are a no-no...
  5. McKeen

    EURUSD Et Al Trading

    Hey Slick! I just wanted to tell you that I am following your thread - but I am a silent lurker... I'm sure others do as well. Thanks for your contribution, you seem very skilled and have a very nice approach.
  6. DoD, I think you deserve kudos for posting your system and the structured way you present it - very nice indeed. I might not be too certain that it will stand the test of time, but like I said your approach is brilliant so keep the spirit - you truly are a nice addition to the forum! To the other members, try not to post your suggestions on which way you think it should be done now that DoD has moved to a new thread in an effort to keep it cleaner. :crap:
  7. I have to say that this thread is really something special. One can say what they want but the sheer reality really scares me... Perhaps it is time to accept the "fact" stated decades ago; ie, technical analysis is not a science nor a winning concept. :thumbs down: Btw, thanks for that arora-link - it was awesome.
  8. Heikin Ashi Not an indicator to that extent but simply amazing on higher timeframes.
  9. #1 Rule for me is most definately: Control of losses = no opening of trades if it is not clear where to put the stoploss. / McKeen
  10. A solid and pretty reliable solution even in lower-standard countries is buying a prepaid sim-card (available in most non-war countries around the globe, including Middle east, Asia and parts of South America), using your cell-phone as a modem. If you look at the network providers homepage before visiting you can more often than not activate a datapackage-promotion for that sim-card, resulting in many hours of stable surfing, because theese days (nearly) all countries have stable 3G/HDSPA or other networks making it quick enough for the trading platform and also more stable than anything on the ground. To my experience it has been more frustrating, and especially more expensive, putting my trust in grounded or public connections when travelling than my cellphone. I just have to be sure there is enough money on the sim-card and if the coverage is too bad i just change hotel or public place or whatever. Storms has been the only threat for me so far, but they cause electric shutdowns on the ground anyways so there is no difference. Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Brazil, Argentina, Jordan, Laos + all countries in Europe are some places this do work like a charm and pretty cheap too. In Thailand you get 50 hrs of 1Mbit+ (up to 3.6 Mbit) speed on your cellphone for only 212 Baht (approx 5-7$) with the biggest operator covering any place one would ever want to go. Sometimes you have to show your passport, sometimes not, and sometimes you have to charm a local and give them a few bucks to buy you one. The no-can-do´s to this method so far has been Israel and Myanmar as the only places it couldn´t be solved withing the first day or two. Good luck on your traveling and trading! / McKeen
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