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  1. Cleaned up the "example of slow fractal" (see attached).Corrected some of the price and matching volume bars to have correct bar coloration.Added the slightly faster nested gaussians.I believe this is same fractal weighting used by jbarnby's in the 10-3-2012 purple thick down container(traverse).One interesting side note is the placement location of the "trough" of R2R of traverse.There is some comments by spydertrader where the location of the R2R traverse trough may be located starting on http://www.traderslaboratory.com/forums/technical-analysis/6320-price-volume-relationship-271.html post #2167.hth
  2. B2B2R2B and R2R2B2R.Reference materals are forestgaussians.pdf (http://www.traderslaboratory.com/forums/e-mini-futures-trading-laboratory/5920-ideal-volume-channel-up-down-4.html#post66298)posted by spydertrader in Ideal Volume in Channel UP/Down(post #32) and Avi 8 post #2195 in this thread http://www.traderslaboratory.com/forums/technical-analysis/6320-price-volume-relationship-275.html
  3. Interestingly enough what i believe is the best examples by spydertrader of sequences are not in this thread but a short lived earlier thread(Open and Free Discussion on Volume).It appears that the fractal encased by thicker purple trendlines in the 10-3-2012 chart by jbarnby corresponds to the slow fractal example.hth
  4. Jbarnby,just came across this in the thread and want to thank you for posting this big time.What a huge AH HA.I have attached a chart with volume of the same day so the PEAK VOLUME (which is not labeled on that chart but should have been with a P) can be seen on that bar (keep in mind its the 12:10 bar on that chart due to the labeling of time being off by one hour).hth
  5. Continuing the refinement of possible ways a lateral formation are terminated (killed) i have found that ibgs's on increasing volume where the ibgs breaks outside the boundary of the lateral does kill it (no matter where the close of the bar).Ibgs's on increasing volume where the high/low are fully inside the lateral boundaries do not kill it.Ibgs's on decreasing volume do not kill a lateral.OB's(outside bars) also follow the same rules as ibgs's when the ob is also an ibgs.hth
  6. Here is my latest refinement of ways a lateral can be "killed" (with enlightment from jbarnby). The lateral formation continues until terminated with two closes outside the Lateral boundaries (created from the High / Low of Bar 1) - except where the 'two closes' form a 'flaw' (internal formation) and the second bar of this internal is on DECREASING VOLUME.In such a case, we require a 'third' close outside the lateral boundary in order to have reached 'termination' of the previous lateral.If the second bar of the internal formation is on INCREASING VOLUME then the lateral is terminated (killed) and does not require the "third" close outside the lateral boundary.hth
  7. jbarnby,thanks again for your comments.I have many questions but will keep it to one question at a time.Hopefully they're not too complicated to answer here.10-3-2012 at 14:30 est i believe the market completed a down tape fractal (where you placed directly below this bar a purple "2"). Would this be correct?
  8. Jbarnby,thank you for posting your charts.10-3-2012 at 14:30 est i believe the market completed a down tape putting it at PT 2 of the down traverse.Then two black bars later you put the traverse level PT 3 and annotated a thicker traverse rtl.In this case there was a break of the down tape rtl on ibv on 14:40 est.I believe this increasing black volume bar coupled with the final push down on irv created the traverse fractal.Would this be correct? If in this exact same situation with the only difference being neither 14:35 or 14:40 est were on ibv would the market still create a down traverse or would the fractal stay a down tape (just be fanned)? Tia
  9. Jbarnby,thank you for that frank reply.You are so correct about the nature of this journey.I think spydertrader had a few reasons for posting this channel drill.One is the huge difference in the amount of days it takes the market to complete "the exact same event" and the hope this would be a wake up call for those learning this method.I believe these "events" spydertrader is referring to are channel fractals.The first event (beginning with 10:10 AM on 7-13-2009 and continuing through until 15:30 PM on 8-5-2009) i think is an up channel fractal event.The second event(15:30 PM Bar on 8-5-2009, move forward until 13:30 PM on 8-11-2009) a down channel fractal.Could it be said that "It doesn't appear you need my help at all" ? Tia
  10. Second known entity charts.Thick dark blue vertical lines are start and finish.hth
  11. First 18 day known entity.Thick dark blue vertical lines are start and finish.hth
  12. Jbarnby, thanks for your comments and posts.In the attached chart from post #3708 the 12:05 est bar (see lite blue arrow pointing to this bar) appears to be the lateral formation kill bar.Two bars out of lateral formation does kill a lateral formation but the exception is when the second bar out forms a flaw (internal formation).I believe that is a fbp(internal formation) but i did notice the second bar is increasing black volume.Hmm.Could you enlighten me as to what killed that lateral formation and am i reading that correct that the lateral formation was killed on that bar.Tia
  13. Filtertip i may be wrong but compared to my charts looks like your missing the first hour of 5m bars.hth
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