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  1. I want to work through these channels---was wondering if anyone had some un-annotated charts for the 13th, 14th and 15th----my data doesn't go back that far.
  2. Boux

    Tax Question

    I can document the purchase prices and there was a sizable unrealized loss but is my cost basis calculated on the purchase price or price at the time of transfer? I missed your response---its the lower of the two-----thanks
  3. Boux

    Tax Question

    Hi I am at a loss on how to handle this situation. Hoping someone can point me in the right direction. My parents transfered stock to me. Current price is significantly lower than purchase price and I am going to have to sell some of it...... is it income to me or a loss? If income, what is my basis? I'm assuming the transfer is counted as a gift...but how do I report it? If there is a better forum for these questions I'll be happy to move along. Thanks
  4. My mistake-------suppose I was projecting my own opinion---I often see the BO of lat's in a direction I did not anticipate (completion) and thought you were seeing a similar thing. I appreciate your contributions in all of this.
  5. I have struggled to comprehend any consistent interpretation of laterals in general but do think they are significant pieces of the puzzle. I certainly agree with the note in the above chart that....non-dom. lat's may not "complete" as do most Dom ones. Also of late I have been trying to sort out the effect of Pace Acceleration on lat formation. I see a definite cause and effect in those instances when I correctly identify PA. Can anyone point me to discussions that might help regarding these accelerations??
  6. Hi Love your indicators---I'm trying to set-up Multicharts for Hershey trading. Can I color bars by close or do I need an indicator? what about volume? You seem to be well versed in PricePhysics as well---which do do trade the most? I've recently been looking at Bill's stuff again. Thanks Allen
  7. Thanks Gucci for the chart ---it highlights a few of my delimmas and I'm hoping to sort some of them out once and for all. In my opinion 1) We can't have FTT at any of these bars because we have yet to have return to Dom---as defined by Vol. on a level of that at red "a" or previous black peak???? I'm just guessing for in realtime I would have seen the 2nd bar as a Jakari change and the 3rd as FTT for sure 2) On an unrelated topic----how can Pt. 1 be a FTT when it does in fact traverse and even extend on what seems to be an acceleration of Pace??!!!! 3) Assuming FTT at Pt.1, how can Pt. 3 be so far into the previous up traverse?? After the BO of the lateral at Pt.2 (which moved so far into the previous) I would have ceased to look for Pt.3 and assumed an error in annotation leading to a continuation of Dom. Up Could anyone give some insight--- Vienna--I really appreciate your questions and can relate to your frustration.
  8. Quite logical---and I'm studying Jack's posts about accelerating RTL, closes in the zone, no FTT on VE(yet he implies that they do happen) etc. and still have confusion after I see what happens in the attached---isn't VE2 a valid VE on higher vol. than VE1? And yes, I know context is King and it is up to me to see what is right in front of me---so here I am, just trying to see. Thanks---I trully appreciate your time
  9. 1) Yes 2) In all honesty I have yet to figure that out ( I presume by the question that there will be some form of continuation?) 3) Seemed to be another B2R
  10. Very nice MADA!! But I have to ask--What told you this?----I saw a very "clear" B2B yesterday afternoon and have been lost this morning as a result. Thanks
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