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  1. Was it recorded I missed it thanks
  2. Hello Guys just found the thread... The thing is, how to we know if price is leading value or value leading price? context is key, but .... The only job we have to do is...Determine S/R levels and then determine direction for those S/R levels to hold...so the questions is how do we know if price will go back to value or POC, or not? is the same as saying, go with the trend or play the reversal...Isn`t :crap::missy:
  3. Hey traderunner...How do you set up the profiles for the EU markets? 24hr ? Thanks
  4. Thanks lot for the help Davinci and Steve...I really appreciate it... I would do a search to see how it goes.. I was also thinking about fine tunning my skills and learning a bit more about market profile.. Do you believe the Field of Vision course from Dalton is a good option? I have read both of his books, Cbot Handbook, and Steidlmayer on Markets: Trading with Market Profile...I want to learn how and when to split and merge profiles to spot high and low volume zones more accurately, and other things more advanced as well, so I'd like to know if dalton's field of vision would help me out with that also I was thinking about using T&S for entering but I need someone to teach me....Do you have any experience with this one? Tape Reading Bundle with new Time & Sales indicator Thanks guys
  5. Hi IIgis, after reading DOM do u think is worth it trading from it ? would u mind explaining a bit about things that you notice? Davinci...Would you please tell me a very good source to learn and get to that level, I have read all Market profile books, screen time, etc and yet not there....consistency with some certainty is what i am for...How did u get to thtat level? Thnaks guys Daniel:)
  6. Hello guys, there is a saying or a "fact" according to MP users that says that low volume becomes high volume over time, meaning that low volume seen on profiles will be tag and fill later on by the market since market likes High volume places or where two sided trades took place. On the other hand there is also a saying that says that high volume becomes low volume when the market has become balance and a movement starts from that POC or VPOC, meaning that now this high volume price acts as a low volume while the market searches for a new POC or VPOC. WHat doy u guys think about low volume being fill? Do you think that in composite profiles markets do fill low volume areas? Also do you thing that Vpoc and POcs can be like the "map" to follow where the market is going since they like two sided trading? Thanks Daniel
  7. dsalas

    Mp Course

    Thanks for your help guys, 750 bucks is a lot. So I am not sure... "Market Profile" Trading Education Concepts Strategies and Techniques seems good but not sure.... I will try to open up a post with observations as well Thanks
  8. dsalas

    Mp Course

    Hi TheNegotiator... I have read MoM, markets in profile, CBOT handbook and currently going with Jones book. Thanks
  9. dsalas

    Mp Course

    Hi guys I am looking for a good and affordable MP course currently these two look good but I really do not know. I am leaning towards the first. Please do let me know any good course you might know http://www.alternating-symmetry.com http://www.profiletraders.com/ Thanks Daniel
  10. Hi Negotiator. I started with ES, learning on my own, then a prop firm, that prop. firm never added anything to my knowledge. BUt anyways. CUrrently I am looking at YM to see if i can get better tick value. PS: which method do you use and which prop firm did you go to. If it can be commented Thanks Dan
  11. I thought i didn't, sorry if i did or i am violating the rules of the forums , i do not want to cause any problems with you guys or my membership here. I apologize...anyways I was just exited about the web and the info. I put there, my apologies !!!! Thanks to all
  12. Hi Tams, all comes from Experience, I have put up all I have learned through the years into the web, trading on my own and in proprietary firms in Spain, webminars, sharing with other trader, I have even asked questions here to others. Did the Certified Financial Technician from IFTA but that doesn't make you a trader, you just have to pass an exam, not make money or watch the markets.
  13. Thanks tradewins I had not post it because I didn't know if anyone was going to be interested at first. Anyways here it guys..make sure to check the "futures trading strategy" which is the core. Any comments are welcome in order to improve "look and feel" of the web,errors and materials, here it is. Thanks, Dan
  14. Hi guys how is it going, I developed an small website... IT was really fun to put it together, hope you enjoy it.....one thing it is NOT commercial...just two courses that I took that were good and because they are my friends, if you do not want to see the courses, do not visit resources. The rest is all written from my experience in trading, If you'd like to see something added, let me know, or if you find a mistake or something you dislike Cheers Daniel :missy:
  15. Hi Kiwi thanks for the reply? I really need infor. about the Asian futures. 1)Is there a broker apart from IB that offers this contracts 2) DO you find asian markets "easier" than ES for example (i know liquidity can be an issue but is it really it? do you know how much volume is there for this markets in a daily basis?) 3) Please if you have some time, would you please post some chart of the mini hang seng) 4) how much could be a round turn of the mini hang seng? Thanks Kiwi and thanks to all Daniel
  16. Hi To all guys, Hi TraderWill. No I have not programmed anything before. I have no idea how to do this. I once attend a course for Visual Chart where they teach you to program based on MA, but it was really bad. I would like to know how to program an strategy, i mean, i dont even know what book to read or which seminar to attend. I use market profile and volume profiles as i titled the thread but that is all. Programming a strategy that could say something like "if the market is trending up and the value are high is touch buy at market with a stop of 2 points in the E-mini sp 500 and a profit target xxx" for example that is the issue i would have to look at levels in the market to determine where are the best entry points that is why i have no idea how to do this thanks so much for the help guys Daniel
  17. Hello Guys, i use Market profile, volume profile and of course basic support and resistance on a chart for finding levels on the ES, FESX, CORN and Bund..... I was thinking about building an automated trading system but i HAVE NO idea, really, zero idea....on how people do this....does anyone have a clue about how to do this...it will be very good to write a program that "does" things for me instead of me watching the screen at lunch hour ( i am in the UK) thanks lots Daniel
  18. dsalas

    Trading in Asia

    Thanks a lot for the info guys....would you please let me know the tick size, margin and also commissions in normal circumstances for Kospi....and HSI thanks a lot daniel
  19. dsalas

    Trading in Asia

    Thanks a lot for the info guys....would you please let me know the tick size, margin and also commissions in normal circumstances for Kospi....and HSI thanks a lot daniel
  20. dsalas

    Trading in Asia

    Hello Guys, i am thinking about moving to Autralia, but i need to investigate the markets i will be trading first. i would like to see something like the ES. is there something that behaves there like the ES and also has the same liquidity , tick value (or alike) etc...I have researched and the HSI is the one that looks the most similar, but i do not know much about it. Thanks guys for the help Daniel.
  21. THanks a lot for the answers guys !!!....basically if offers are greater than bids market moves up, for what i have seen, but i have also seen that it flips very fast from bid to offers and vice-versa. one question, if you are at a resistance or support level, how can u spot those large orders? thanks
  22. Hi guys, do you consider spread betting a scam, i have been thinking about it since it could be a solution for those who want to day trade shares with low capital no? thanks a lot
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