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  1. Forget news trading with market makers, the spread will widen and/or they will requote. You can new trade with ECNs, but just like any real market liquidity will dry up just before the event with the effect of a large spread, but it won't be as bad as the market makers.
  2. How about just using a trailing stop? If it is set just outside normal noise levels then it should be able to ride a trend. For instance on the "other forum" a guy called Jacko uses a 50 pip stop on EUR and let's the trailing stop take him out of the trade. I guess that is one option that could be looked into and tested. Does anyone else want to share their exit strategies?
  3. Thanks brownsfan - that's exactly what I am experiencing. However I would like to develop some kind of exit strategy and then follow it. I would rather the market tell me when to get out than use fixed targets because fixed targets, although good from a discipline point of view, tend to get you out of the market too early on big moves. If the move is over then perhaps I should just use a short signal to get out of a long and a long signal to get out of a short? I am not obsessing about capturing the entire move, just the "meat in the middle" as they say. What do YOU do?
  4. Hi there, I am currently developing a trading plan based mostly on work done by Martin Pring on price patterns, price action. I am looking for the market to signal to me turning points, reversals using price action in confluence with other longer term price patterns and support/resistance levels. Can you recommend any resources on exiting trades? I preferred style of trading is to scale in on longer term charts and then look for an all-out exit. I much prefer this over all-in and scale out as it is less risky. I have written about a potential setup on Platinum Futures here on my blog and I find it easy to get into a trade but not sure where to get out. Thanks for any pointers. keymoo
  5. You could also consider Dukascopy - very transparent and have good protection with swiss banks.
  6. Thanks for the reply, I'm still a new trader and I haven't developed any strategies as yet but just merely observing and watching how price reacts to key support and resistance. I will develop strategies from my observations in time. What do you mean by "range bars" and a "20 range"?
  7. Daily hammer on the Euro What are your thoughts?
  8. Hi Keymoo,


    Was wondering if you got anywhere with trying to find out who "Shy Corp" is? I noticed the link in the thread but I can't find any info on that website to indicate they do Futures Trading, more a life sciences investment bank.


    I've noticed these guys are very clever in there timing, so curious as to who they are. Thinking it may really be a "shy corp." ;)




  9. I recommend you research this Hicks character a bit more before listening to what she says. Seriously.
  10. Hi James it might take you a few weeks to get into it. Persevere with it for a couple of months.
  11. Yes, I am working with a TradeStation engineer on the TradeStation boards to sort that out. The weekly pivots are correct from Tues-Fri but wrong on Mondays. I will hopefully get to it over the coming weeks.
  12. Thanks dalby, so would I be right in saying that a line chart is not time based? Every time a new value comes in it is plotted. Simple as that?
  13. dalby, Just answering the questions would help not only the people actively involved in the thread but also lurkers just reading. What is a line chart? If you have a 1min line chart up, how is that different to a 1min line on close? The only difference I can see is the most recent interval is updated more often. But at the end of the interval it needs to print a value. What is that value? The close? An average of OHLC? What?
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