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  1. Sadly, I'm dead, but Is there anything in the rules that precludes me from entering The Race?
  2. Try Skype search for TOGuru or That One Guy:)
  3. Pity you can't spreadbet in the US. It's quite possible (if still largely dependent on luck in the early stages) to trade index futures starting with the equivalent of $150 or so. What's more, many of the SB outfits will give you the money to open an account.
  4. No offence intended to yourself or anyone else, but everything I posted was certainly complete carp.
  5. No vendor would have wanted to hang around for long after seeing the rubbish we used to post.
  6. That's absolutely pathetic. I always thought everyone in the chatroom made at least $500k a day.
  7. Anyone from TL care to comment about the reasons why everyone has deserted the chatroom recently?
  8. Chatroom seems to be having problems today?
  9. 'Vocabulary' and 'words', I understand, but not 'vocabulary words'.
  10. The main problem I find with Dealbook is what happens when you try to trade directly from charts. Drag an order, and it keeps jumping back to its original position. Other than that the software works well - better than Ninja in some ways.
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