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  1. I would trade goods on EBay with this ammount. Much less risky!
  2. I would not consider any software but Investor RT for Market Profile.
  3. Couldn't figure out if bracket orders are hold on server or client side. If it's client side, what is the advantage of what they say "server side orders" if every other platform (TT, Ninja, etc) also holds limit orders server side?
  4. Velocity is not an IB for sure. They are a FCM.
  5. $50 per point. Most brokers require $5k for initial account.
  6. What about OEC during last week's crash? Did it hold well?
  7. Hi, Fulcrum Trader! Don't you look at larger time frame cumulative delta to see the medium term trend? In a 350k volume chart, for instance, we can see the short inventory is far from being taken. We can see an important level at about 1100. Prices right now reaching this level, but cumulative delta not even close to the value it was when ES last visit 1100 level. Images | ChartHub.com []s
  8. Electroniclocal, do you use MC besides MarketDelta? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Correct....DTN.IQ puts out feed in a different way than a typical broker feed and uses built in mechanisms to verify the data flow. My DTN.IQ feed always matches a CME daily run of data....I do not ever have problems with DTN.IQ feed for bid/ask work. Fulcrumtrader, which feed do you use for realtime data? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. I'm looking for a data feed company that provides data of the Brazilian Stock Market (BOVESPA). I've found out eSignal does have it, but it's very expensive. Anybody knows another one?
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