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  1. Yes, It's Volfix soft. I tried to trade with Market Delta and Bloomberg. Bloomberg is very useful for getting information, but their charts are not very easy for understanding and usable.
  2. To be honest, I don't want to claim that my way of trading is the only right. Sometimes I loose, sometimes I win. I just want to find best practices. As I say before, volume gives me the opportunity to open the position correctly. I want to show you screen shot, which confirms my words. This is my sell on gold.
  3. Now your point is more clear, thanks! Of course, I always look at order flow during the trading. But as for me, it is more reliably to look at volume, which is ''already done'', because it's very simple to revoke the order with one click! I'll show you my view using your example on ES
  4. Can you explain what means to you ''order flow''?All orders on buy limit and sell limit?Thanks
  5. Thanks for yours 2 cents:) While reading your post I mentioned one more reason why trading attracts me. It gives the opportunity to personalize your own way of trading. Despite the importance of tools which you use, the most important thing is to be in profit.
  6. I explain you, how I do it These 2 charts display information about the movement of one contract.But the first one is a bar chart and the second is a cluster profile. Only the cluster can show me the volume. As usual, I open them at the same time. Bar chart shows me the general trend and cluster profile helps me to make decisions.
  7. This chart shows how big boys accumulate big volumes in the flat trends and confirms a statement that market moves from one volume to another. I prefer to analyze and trade currency futures.In this example I use EU which is traded on CME
  8. Thanks for sharing, Zapisy:) I wondering why there are so many unpleasent words about our conversation. such things are really disencourage me.
  9. Spydertrader, I totally agree with your point of view. Can you explain in what way you analyse price and volume? Thanks
  10. To introduce myself completly, I trade currency futures, S&P 500, FESX. Usually, I prefer to open the position when big boys open their positions. At the same time! They don't lose.I watch where a big amount of volume accumulates. It means for me that big boys begin to enter. They keep price in the flat range. After this, the price always moves up or down very strongly. I'll show you how it works.
  11. Great! I think that volume is the primary sourse which moves the market. Are you futures trader or stocks trader?
  12. Hi! I trade futures using volume.Is there anybody here who trades futures by analyzing volume?
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