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  1. The only one that works properly is here : "TPO Pro5.0b.zip" http://www.traderslaboratory.com/forums/f6/marketprofile-eld-3198.html but it is not very readable. For my part, I look rather a Volume Profile like "Ensign one" on Tradestation, the TPO are not useful for me.
  2. Thank you for your answer. I used all the free versions available. None of them works properly.
  3. Why is it so difficult to find a Market or/and a Volume Profile Indicator free and really works on Tradestation ? Is it a limitation of the Easy language or a political problem ?
  4. agon

    Volume Splitter

    Be careful, "Delta" is a function in EL.
  5. agon

    Volume Splitter

    Hi there, I no longer have tradestation! You should simply be able to 'cut and paste' the code into tradestations editor, or maybe someone else will do it. Try of Volume Splitter by BlowFish : !VOLUME_SPLITTER_BLOWFISH.ELD
  6. agon

    Volume Splitter

    :doh: AWESOME !, GREAT ! you absolutely right.
  7. Where can I find sample code for this indicator approach ?
  8. Because my Screenshot above is more easy to understand for me ;-)
  9. In your opinion, what is the best Paintbar in EL (for TS or MultiChart) ? And where can I find a free Kwikpop style Paintbar like this :
  10. If you use IB. imho the best DOM is "ButtonTrader". Google is your friend.
  11. New Price Histogram on Ensign. Nice job, I think. http://charts.dacharts.com/2008-04-08/Ensign_1.png http://www.dacharts.org/archives/Ensign_Wed_class_transcripts/New_price_histogram.htm :applaud:
  12. Thank's for the video, very interesting. Where can I find Market Profile Indicator you use ?
  13. Thank's for you help, I understand playing with the DOM is the key. I use ButtonTrader myself but I think it is very diificult to take 4 ticks where there are only 5 ticks to take. This is the reason why a video help us, imho. For ex : jperl (jerry) (nice guru on this nice forum) made a video with DOM, I think it is possible after your day target will made.
  14. Hi Walter, Sorry for my Tarzan english by advance. First, a big thank you for all your threads and all your videos very interesting. But I have a small question, you say take 4 ticks in some places where between the upper and lower V, there are only 5 ticks. What kind of front-end do you use to accomplish this feat ? Would it possible to make a live video where we could understand how you take position and how you get out. I know it's difficult with the concentration, but perhaps a live simulation after you have made your daily target. Thank you again for all your work.
  15. Yes mp_trader, your work is fine but can you fix this (to weight the prices properly for a vwap) ? Thank you very much
  16. Where is the MarketProfilePlus indicator ? My version of this great indicator do not display itself after the 13 June 2007. Is what I do a mistake ? Sorry for my tarzan English, I 'm a French Trader. By the way, thank you very much for your nice work on this site.
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