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  1. Do you feel your chart contains all the necessary trend lines as directed by the market itself? - Spydertrader
  2. In order to determine whether (or not) such automated annotations add (or detract) value to your M - A - D - A, ask yourself, "What do I [you] think when those different color laterals appear on my [your] chart in real time?" Do you think, "Damn! I still need to differentiate these things, but lets check 'inside' to see what is happening." or, do you think, "O.K.. I'm in a certain type of Lateral (based on a certain color), so let's pay attention and see if I can learn something." One answer indicates the lack of the need for the annotation itself, the other answer indicates an incorrect focus (on Price, rather than, on Volume). Differentiation occurs after market hours. Applying the fruits of one's labor occurs during market hours. Make sure you are performing the correct tasks at the correct times. Again, since 'X' amount of time has passed since I first introduced you to, and provided the expected results from, thoroughly differentiating The Lateral Formation Drill (and Follow Up), and since you still appear to struggle with laterals which do not conform to those drills, I'm simply pointing out that looking at a problem from a different point of view, might provide some benefit. - Spydertrader
  3. Now that you have 'corrected' your 'start of day' annotations, you should have the ability to see where you have failed to include other annotations (some that existed previously and others which did not appear on your charts at all). - Spydertrader
  4. Because "The Blue Thing" does not accurately reflect the information provided by the market. - Spydertrader
  5. According to your chart annotations, your 'day' began at 16:00 PM Tuesday. Do you agree with such a statement, or did your 'day' actually begin earlier than 16:00 PM Tuesday? Also, your chart shows a mysterious red Bar as its final (Tuesday) Bar. I do not have such a bar on my chart. IF said Bar represents a function of the charting software (or datafeed), take care not to include said bar in your analysis and decision making. Lastly, you have additional 'laterals' highlighted on your charts (in addition those in The Lateral Formation Drill [and Follow Up]). Make sure you have a specific rule set in place (based on a process of differentiation) for these laterals (in addition to those in The Lateral Formation Drill [and Follow Up]). Otherwise, the automation of these objects may cause you to 'see' things in a far different fashion than required. (All Times Eastern and [close of] ES Bars) HTH. - Spydertrader
  6. The market provides the ultimate test for confirming (or invalidating) any hypothesis. Ramora has provided a description of how he trades the market. You may interpret his words a number of ways. Test each way against what the market shows you each day. In such a fashion, everyone can arrive at the exact meaning of what has been described - without any confusion or ambiguity. I say to you all again, the market provides crystal clear information on each and every five minute bar. The market provides this information in a binary fashion, at all times - without exception. To those who have chosen to post their charts and receive feedback along the way, keep up the great work. You may not yet even realize it, but your efforts have moved you closer to the end of the road. Good Trading to you all. - Spydertrader
  7. Thanks for the stroll down Memory Lane. I haven't spoken (nor thought) many of those phrases in a number of years. - Spydertrader
  8. Right ...... I'm not entirely clear on what compels you to post in a thread where you have repeatedly indicated little value exists. However, allow me to (once again) make things very easy for you (and any other human on the planet who happens to read something I have written). If you believe my posts contain nothing worthwhile, if you believe that I cannot trade profitably, if you believe that I strive to post 'riddles' in a vane attempt to gather 'followers' as I strive for some mythical title of 'Interent Trading Guru, if you believe I am full of shit; then simply, stop reading my posts. Easy as that. No argument. No Debate. - Spydertrader
  9. I have spent countless hours over the last 2 months contacting various members of The United States House of Representatives, The United States Senate, The President of The United States and various other government officals in an effert to educate people on the pure ridiculousness of such a law being passed. Many other individuals (from all walks of life, and throughout the entire trading industry) have also spent significant time doing the very same (and even more). An entire thread on the subject (and recommendations for individual action) exists over at the Elitetrader.com web site. Bottom Line: This insane idea doesn't pass. However, should The U.S. Government choose to commit financial suicide by forcing into law any sort of 'Robin Hood' Tax, rest assurd, a market will exist in some country (with sane leadership) who has chosen not to err on the side of lunacy. I (along with a host of others) will simply trade that market. Any market. Any timeframe - provided sufficient liquidity exists (and liquidity will never be a problem for any market which does not institute a 'Robin Hood' tax). - Spydertrader
  10. Actually, this is a very good drill for you (and anyone else with an interest). What definitions of 'non-stationary' exist? What definitions of 'window' exist? Based on what rs5 has placed on her chart, which definitions (of 'non-stationary' and 'window') above do you think best apply to rs5's comments? Of course, one could simply ask rs5 for the answer, but then, how would you be sure you didn't translate her answer (instead of transferring the knowledge from her brain to yours)? Interestingly (or, maybe not), I used the exact same process whith the sentence, "The YM Leads the ES." Of course, I did so only after I had mucked up the works by translating the phrase - instead of transferring the intended meaning. HTH. - Spydertrader
  11. For someone attempting to learn the process of differentiation, certainty occurs when the market has provided a scenario where no other possibilities exist - save the correct scenario. In other words, when a trader does not understand where they sit with respect to the right side of the market (on their specific trading fractal), the market, at some point in the future, provides a signal which clearly indicates (beyond any and all doubt) what one believed to be true cannot possibly be accurate. For example, if a trader failed to understand how the 14:25 (all times Eastern and [close of] the ES) Bar ended one thing and began another, the market provided certainty at 15:40. At this specific point in time, the market has said, "It is for certain no longer possible for you to be thinking a down container is still being built." For a trader who has completed the process of differentiation, certainty occurs on each and every bar - without exception. The goal, for anyone who has yet to reach completion of the differentiation process, involves transitioning from where you find yourself today to a place where the vantage point provides certainty on each and every single bar - irrespective of market, time of day or trading fractal. "Signals for Change" develop all the time. What matters is whether (or not) they apply to you (based on your trading fractal). You have already differentiated Peak Volume (when noting it prior to an Order of Events completion) with respect to whether (or not) it applies to your trading fractal. You already do this without even thinking - most of the time. Correct. The annotations shown do not accurately reflect that which the market has provided. Perhaps, it is a simple matter of fractal differentiation (when you can 'see' the faster fractals vs. when you cannot), or perhaps, you have focused too closely on the formation at the end. While I cannot state for certain which answer best fits your situation, my experience tells me, "It's a fractal thing." Nah. The whole system tracks sentiment across any and all fractals. The YM leads the ES, so we can know (and mark as certain) a signal for change, and all sentiment shifts, will signal on the YM before doing so on the ES. The very same thing works with the STR-SQU leading the YM, and with DOM and OTR Charts leading the STR-SQU. As such, these things cannot provide the source of your error. In addition, ES, YM, DOM, Tic Charts, streaming tic by tic data; all did not exist in 1957. As we eliminate the impossible, whatever remains (no matter how improbable) must be possible. Jack used to have this slide he would show (called Min-Max) where sometimes a trader would 'see' a sentiment shift prior to a peak, sometimes a trader would 'see' a sentiment shift after a Peak. Jack would encourage every trader to catch things 'in between' these areas - taking action on the Peaks. However, such discussions focus on efficiency and effectiveness. These goals fall beyond learning how to 'see' that which one needs to see. In other words, it’s a bit like trying to fly before learning to crawl. As I said earlier, the market tracks sentiment across all trading fractals, so naturally, one would want to focus on maintaining fractal integrity throughout the trading day. Once the market has completed an order of events (on the trader specific trading fractal), the trader simply waits for a Signal for Change. Once received, the trader takes action - enter (if sidelined), reverse (if already in the market) or exit (if at end of day). IF the Order of events (again, on the trader specific fractal) has yet to complete, then the action required is either: wait (if sidelined) or hold (if already in the market). As I have moved through your post, it is looking more and more as if this is a fractal issue. Better put, it's a calibration problem resulting from your inability to see that which the market requires of each and every trading fractal. More than likely, you are close, but have not yet determined the exact binary sequence required. You believe you are differentiating two things which are the same. They are not the same. Their context is completely different. Please note, I am not talking about the specific 'thing' at the end of these sequences. Those are the same[/b]. HTH. - Spydertrader
  12. A subtle (or maybe, not so subtle) difference for sure. Keep up the great work. You are not that far away from the finish line. - Spydertrader
  13. I'm not really certain what you have attempted to ask here (a good reason to always attach a chart to a question), but if the market exists as a fractal entity (which it does), and gaps do not exist (and they don't) then how is it that a "previous channel breakout" would no longer be valid? 'Gaps' have no magical ability to alter the events of a previous day. As such, eliminating gaps also has no effect on that which developed prior to the gap event. - Spydertrader
  14. In 1957, The YM didn't exist. In 1957, the ES did not exist. In 1957, Intra-DAY data did not exist. However, one could obtain information about the day's events from a newspaper at the end of a day - while sitting in a diner eating a plate of eggs. If (out of al the various markets around the world) I randomly picked a chart and (while removing the Title, Time and Price levels from the axis) asked you to tell me what market did the chart represent? and what time frame does the chart show? Could you tell me the answers? Could anyone? More importantly, does it matter? Of course it doesn't matter which market or which time frame the chart represents. Any market. Any Timeframe - provided sufficient liquidity exists, right? Now, (after removing the items listed above) what do we have left? Price and Volume. These matter. Everything else becomes a matter of efficiency and effectiveness (making more money per unit time). However, until we can always see that which exists, we must avoid any temptation to (consciously or unwittingly) focus on efficiency and effectiveness. In 1957, someone discovered they had the ability to understand the language of all markets. We all now have way more tools at our disposal than to anyone in 1957. Make sure these tools don't obscure that which can be seen by a patron at a diner eating eggs while reading the daily newspaper. - Spydertrader
  15. Which is why Price Bars no more make a trend, than standing in one's garage makes one a car. Standing in a garage might allow a person to 'see' a car - just as looking at a chart might allow a trader to 'see' the trends. - Spydertrder
  16. You have accurately differentiated between Option 'A' and Option 'B' in terms of 'correctness.' - Spydertrader
  17. I (quite often) encourage people finding themselves thwarted by an obstacle to look at the problem in question from a different point of view - other than from the standpoint upon which they currently base their observations. Tape, Traverse, Channel Signals of change matter only at the completion of the trader specific fractal Order of Events. - Spydertrader
  18. When you discuss the differences between one minute and five minute bars, you aren't speaking fractally. You are talking timeframe. When objects represent a 'fractal' nature, these objects contain "a mathematically generated pattern that is reproducible at any magnification or reduction" where all attributes remain the same irrespective of scale. As such, (Since you've articulated that your understanding of 'fractal' isn't at issue) I don't understand why you have posed the question - as each and every fractal (by definition) exists in the same fashion as the ones faster (or slower) than it. However, the answer to your question is: No. - Spydertrader
  19. No. Currently, I do not use the YM as part of my M-A-D-A (nor STR-SQU, Tic Charts nor DOM). While in the past, I used the entire arsenal of medium and fine tools, today, I no longer have a desire to work that hard. As such, I now only use the ES. HTH. - Spydertrader
  20. You may want to review the definition of the word - fractal. - Spydertrader
  21. Volume leads Price, so spend some time looking at Volume. Note the Order of Events. How does Price (by Virtue of Volume) move between Points One and Two? How does Price (by Virtue of Volume) move between Points Two and Three? How does Price (by virtue of Volume) move from Point Three to an FTT? HTH. - Spydertrader
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