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  1. Hi everybody! Have you ever tested Strategy Runner? I heard it's good for short-term strategies, very fast, allows to trade in the DOM and to launch automatic trading on their server (you shouldn't keep your PC on)
  2. I agree that trading maybe is more practice than theory. For ex. I have read a lot of literature, but there were no more than 2 books that developed my understanding of what is really goin' on concerning market.
  3. Absolutely agree. It's silly to hope than 7 day course will make you succeding trader, but maybe it will give you some instruments that of course you could have found yourself, but it would take more time and efforts, and maybe money. But I'm agree with the idea that personnal market learning is better. P.S. I don't know how to remove angey smiley from the top of the post
  4. Hi! Who can say whether it's useful to take courses at such academies? Will I improve my trading skills? How long will it take?
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