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  1. Hard to believe James sold the place because of family commitments. In the sale description he wrote: "TradersLaboratory.com is a one man operation that requires less than 30minutes a day to operate. It is an ideal web business for those looking to enhance their current incomes, work from home, or retire from their current 9-5 day job." He doesn't have 30 minutes a day of spare time to earn $7500 pre-tax income a month? I wonder what TL sold for?
  2. Tragic indeed. How do you know he won't be back? Has he been banned?
  3. Steadfast Networks :: Chicago Web Hosting, Dedicated Servers, and Colocation
  4. I've been AWOL from TL for quite some time and impressed the the new look and feel of the site. Best wishes and good luck to the new management. Unfortunately, I see little has changed with respect to UrmaBlume. He is still prancing around here like an entitled peacock while complaining ad museum. Do any of you believe that successful hedge fund managers with cutting edge trading technology (as he purports to be) spend their days and nights posting as fervently as he does on this and a handful of other forums in such a self-promotional fashion? Of course not. He has now slithered his way to Big Mike's place, where his posts were filled with over-sized pics of the workstations he markets to real hedge funds and prop shops and one year old charts depicting those ever so accurate indicators. Claiming the atmosphere at TL was getting a bit "oppressive," he moved to new territory, not unlike a malignancy that spreads from one organ to another leaving destruction in its wake. It didn't take long before he was exposed as a vendor and now has to wear that Scarlet Letter under his handle with the URL of his Internet storefront as required by BMT's rules. I respectively suggest TL management to consider implementing the same procedure. I surmise if all the trading forums that he trolls did this, he be a bit more respectful and a whole lot less of a lightening rod
  5. He is world class, snake oil selling whore. Not unlike the vast majority of vendors.
  6. Now, now, I never said it was a mystical belief. Perhaps I should qualify and say ORGANIZED religion. But we are not talking about the good ole days of guys hollering on the phone here. We are talking about electronic trading where the chart is KING OF THE ROAD and the vehicle for the decisions traders make. Both the indicator and PA guys both suffer from the same groupthink.
  7. I like indicators. I think they get a Bad Rap by the PA cult. Strangely enough, people are opening their wallets for this type of stuff too. LOL
  8. Good one bf. Where is Urmablume when we really need him?:rofl:
  9. As easy as ABC. Maybe I should consider becoming an educational trading vendor. People are opening their wallets for stuff like this.
  10. It happens because he and others believe it to be so. I know it sounds circular, and it is. Like faith based religions, that belief is the basis for many to explain why they trade at those alleged levels. The theory (faith) justifies the action.
  11. Are you a CTA? If so, what is your NFA number?
  12. In my opinion, which is not going to be very popular here, support and resistance are convenient ways to describe price movements by traders who need the comfort of an explanation for the logic behind their decisions to buy or sell. Not much different than stereotyping the behavior of certain classes or races of people when they engage in certain behaviors.
  13. I love when a vendor tries to explain why they never show real trades. There is absolutely NOTHING in the CFTC/NFA regs that prevents anyone from showing live trades in a real, not sim, account. But, of course, you know that. Good luck with your sim trading. P.S. I think you should step up your sim size to 100 contracts. Be a heavy hitter. :haha:
  14. I suppose your videos are also false assumptions. 10 contracts in SIM. Carry on Mr. Vendor.
  15. Another legendary paper trading vendor.
  16. Of course UB is here to help other traders think out of the box and give them hope they, too, can create those indicators which hold the keys to trading heaven. :haha: The truth is the people here are not qualified customers for his services, so I agree he is not selling to this audience. Stealth marketing for free on venues such as trading forums with help his company either secure or attract business, however. That's why ET gave him the boot--they realized his clever intentions.
  17. My thinking is those profits were not made by speculating, that is, betting on one side like black or red in roulette. Of course, it's unlikely we'll ever know for sure.
  18. Two motives. Ego gratification (I'm smarter than you) and stealth marketing for TradePointTechnologies. Search Google if you care to find other sites where he is apparently allowed to post links to his company.
  19. The volume of trades conducted on electronic exchanges and away from the NYSE floor is now at 36% of total according to the NY Times. Most of this is dark pool and other end run activity. I seriously doubt, however, GS' massive profits are generated from speculative equity trading to any meaningful extent. They don't need to do that to make huge profits, in a world where their competetion is dwindling. And the theory of speculative Commercial (as oppossed to retail) activity has not proven to exist except in the minds of traders who continuosly ponder, and search for, what the so-called smart money (often referred to as the mysterious "they") is doing in the index futures markets.
  20. FYI, UB has been banned from ET. Just goes to show you there are times when ET should be taken seriously. Perhaps I missed the posts showing the profits UB generates from all this information he cuts-n-pastes at TL. Please, anyone, post those links.
  21. An utter waste of your time. Better to donate the $600 to charity. MomLitBar and other sleight of hand tricks.
  22. But you use a lot of discretion with those indicators. It's important to note that the auto-trade, black box strategy using those indicators has not done well. Caveat Emptor.
  23. That's interesting. If it consistently functions in the same fashion as Urma's, that's good enough for me. I could care less about the guts of this thing or how its created. I'm a trader, not a programmer. After all, it's just one additional tool to get more edge.
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