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  1. What is "UL" and can we add it to the glossary? Thanks. Upper Limit
  2. Hi db! Can you explain the supply lines on this chart please? I dont believe I have seen them drawn in this fashion before. Why there as opposed to the swing high 4455? Thanks! You're reading it in hindsight, right to left. If read in real time, left to right, AMT is used to trade what preceded the breakout. The trend doesn't "officially" begin until you're out of the range. One could, of course, enter the trade at the swing high you mention, but, again, this is hindsight. In real time, all this was taking place at a median, with lots of congestion. Most would wind up making multiple attempts to enter and getting chopped up in the process. The clean entry is provided by the breakout, though it may chap a few to "give up" the points that couldawouldashoulda been added by shorting at the very top. Those who haven't read the material, much less studied it, will try to apply the SLA to ranges, though in all fairness it's possible that this effort might be a simple error. In any case, I've gone an extra mile to emphasize that the SLA is NOT to be used in ranges.
  3. If we make a HH then it was a small timeframe retracement. If it makes a LL and continues below 1492 it was a LH in the downtrend. The 1st LL being a possible entry point for the short.
  4. Have you tried 6e? It's my instrument of choice, great for the eu morning sesh.
  5. google gomi mp and you should find what you need at a fraction of the cost.
  6. Maybe he went back to the zoo :haha: seriously tho I know he had a website that was linked to his profile but I don't see it anymore. Have you tried replying to one of his threads? He may still be subscribed. I haven't traded his system btw
  7. IRT allows you to add indicators to pnf charts... Investor/RT - Point and Figure Charts Point and Figure is now supported in traditional charts as a periodicity (and a drawing style). This significant enhancement marries the powerful features of the traditional chart window (indicators, buttons, multi-panes, etc) with this unique drawing style.
  8. DaKine

    6e Slippage

    For you 6e traders what is the largest slippage you have encountered on your stop markets after a major news release? Thanks for your input.
  9. I second this. MD / IRT solid software. Laguna is ranting about rooms but he bashes software... Doesn't make any sense.
  10. Thanks for being on top of it MMS and crew!
  11. Ya its horrible I dont know how they expect us to use this forum. It's sad.
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